Open Satire Letter To David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of people of very low incomes, Job Seekers, and other benefit holders we want to formally vent our frustration, and anger over last week there was a vote on Welfare Reform and Work Bill, and NHS Bill. We would like to say thanks for making us suffer more by cutting our benefits from the most vulnerable in society who through no fault of our own suffer from a mental health, learning disabilities, and physical disability, very low paid worker, and others through no fault of ours own lost the main form of income to the household owing to companies downsizing and avoiding to pay their fair share of taxes.conservativecabinet

Under your welfare and health service cuts this has affected those people tremendously. So much for the big society and one nation conservatism where is the compassion of conservatism and your government. We (the voters) would like to remind you about the food banks dramatically increased not decreased under your previous coalition administration in 2010 and to present time 2015.

It’s no good blaming the previous establishment as it is happening under both your watch now. We would respectfully suggest that you stop playing Punch and Judy politics by hitting the most vulnerable in society we are talking about human lives so much for the caring and working party that your establishment led us to believe.

It’s a stifling policy, and it’s not very democratic. Also this mess is being exploited by usurpers. We’ve got our pinch of salt. It’s hard expressing your thoughts and opinions sometimes especially when there are some of your government ministers who simply refuse to understand where the poor are coming from. This government needs to understand how social policy works and stop using high profit companies who has no interest in society but in the name of profit, profit we will do and laugh all the way to the bank with our public money which is taken from our taxes to improve services. One would suggest that you should stop using quangos and think tanks that does not understand poor communities and never lived in certain parts of the country who only want to line their pockets to further their careers.

We paid our taxes like the rest of people and one of our expectations is for this government is to treat all its citizens fairly and compassionately during the so-called austerity times and look on each case on its merit and not to hit the poorest in society.

This government would do well to launch the attack on big cooperations, billionaires, millionaire who uses tax havens to avoid paying their share of taxes which will generate income to our beloved country. As a government you may beg to differ but if you get off your a raise and tour the country and open your eyes you will see the daily lives of people getting on with their lives to try to either gain employment and make a living and stop putting yes people in your cabinets who are millionaires who have little understanding.

This is why many of will tell the Conservatives to listen to this. see link below:

Another thing we want to express to your attention is our beloved NHS and the hard work that our NHS staff does to look after everybody regardless of their disabilities or income based. This should be applied equality all sections of society should pay their fair share of taxes and those who earn more obviously will  pay more into our taxes as Bevan said during the creation our NHS and Welfare System. I find it highly offensive and a cheek of the Conservative Government to use a quote in parliament to force a vote which the Conservatives has no comprehension of what Bevan stood for being a socialist and a moderniser to play a left wing politics to favour vote in regards to our NHS, welfare and work, and pensions bills as Bevan will be turning in his grave to see his name being used in vain.

The question we would seek from Mr Cameron is part of your government policy dodging the damaging health crisis?

To us this represents a U-turn on the PM’s position before the last general election, when he labelled the health service a “priority” for his party.

The Tory Party’s 2010 election manifesto had also insisted: We will back the NHS,” in a bid to dispel the long-standing public view that it could not be trusted with Britain’s most cherished public service.

But the Tories were accused of changing their tune after last week’s chaos which saw 14 hospitals declare major incidents.

It’s No wonder David Cameron has gone from saying the NHS were the three most important letters to him to the health service becoming the subject that dare not speak its name.”

For the many who strongly believes in a strong NHS free at the point of need we say to you and your cabinet in the wise words of Harry Leslie Smith “Get Yer Mitts Off Our NHS”

The truth about NHS privatisation has been exposed. An undercover investigation has found shocking care failures by private health business Care UK. It’s been caught leaving dangerously ill patients waiting for hours, and using work experience students instead of nurses.

This is what happens when private companies get their hands on our NHS. Care UK boasts that they are the single biggest business helping to privatise the NHS. If we can kick them out of our NHS, it’ll be a major blow to the government’s privatisation project.

Huge public outcry will pile pressure on hospital bosses to shut the door on Care UK – at every hospital they approach.

Please sign the petition to stop Care UK making a profit out of our hospitals.Your name will be added to a petition to the CCG group where you live – the group of NHS bosses in charge of contracting our local services. Together, let’s prove that Care UK aren’t wanted anywhere near our NHS.

From concern citizen who cares about our NHS




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