Satire On Benefit Sanctions the facts

Please watch this youtube which is an eye opener:


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Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty” .

John F. Kennedy

welfare1Recently I had someone knocking hard on the door at exactly 7am my thoughts were who the heck is knocking that hard on my blinking door like a bailiff.

I opened my door to my surprise it was a friend and his partner I had not seen for a while. Obviously I invited them in whilst I was half dressed told them to put the coffee maker on whilst I get decent. They informed me that they had been sanctioned by the Job Centre in the grounds of they did not turn up to an arranged interview.

They said it was one of the hardest thing for them to come to me cap in hand for a loan whilst they sort themselves out. I asked them a few questions and what were grounds for sanctioning them how were the criteria implemented?

They said “We turned up to sign on and we were informed that we have been sanctioned because they did not turn up for an interview arranged by their work coach. When they challenged the issue with a member of staff, the staff called the security guard to have them removed from the Job Centre Plus on the grounds of being aggressive towards a member of staff which the police were involved.

welfare2The establishment gives a good talk of employment on the raise but in reality those jobs that are available are zero hour contracts and apprentice schemes. Now the country is faced with a dilemma they either continue to play the blame game and say it was Labour’s fault or man up and say that it was caused by the global events which they have no control over which they are in the position that they are in now. Or continue to live in the Westminster bubble and continue to deny it is happening on their watch.

I decided to do some research on it and came across this document see link below:

welfare3The downside to all the sanctions which has taken place is that  parliamentary questions show over 605,000 people on jobseeker’s allowance were penalised in this way last year  an astonishing one in six, or three times the department’s previous claim.

There is no excuse for the DWP not to accede to the party’s demand that full annual figures be released.

But we should not be surprised at the DWP’s reticence. The stream of misinformation peddled by Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith is such that he has repeatedly been rebuked for manipulating official statistics including by former head of the UK Statistics Authority Sir Michael Scholar.

The aim is usually to claim there is evidence to back Mr Duncan Smith’s war on the unemployed, unwell and disabled to present the ever more arbitrary conditions imposed on anyone dependent on social security payments as necessary measures which weed out “shirkers” and get people into work.

welfare4In fact, since the government has presided over the loss of close to a million public-sector jobs since the Con-Dem coalition came to power, there is no justification for such a claim. But the motive for hiding the number being sanctioned is different.

Sanctions are serious business. People who are by definition in need or they would not be receiving social security in the first place can lose all financial support, plunging them into poverty and debt.

Cases recorded by foodbanks to whose charity some of these desperate people turn present a grim picture of a savage and unfeeling regime.

People have been sanctioned for failing to sign on because they were at a job interview, and for failing to attend a job interview because they had to sign on.

They have been sanctioned for failing to apply for jobs in between getting a job and actually starting work.

Sanctions have been applied to people who missed interviews they were never told about, to people who missed appointments because they were in hospital and to people shocked by the sudden death of a loved one.

Sanctions can kill. It emerged just after the general elewefare5ction that of 49 people who had died while on benefits and whose deaths were deemed to warrant DWP investigations, 10 more than one in five had been sanctioned.

Naturally Mr Duncan Smith is not keen for this barbarity to be exposed to the public gaze.

If the extent to which the government is harassing and victimising the vulnerable was more widely known, the Tories would lose public support for attacks on “welfare”  support won by a campaign of systematic misinformation spread by the mainstream press combined with the poison-drip of hate-fuelled rhetoric from ministers about “scroungers.”

There is a lesson here for Labour. Years of echoing Tory propaganda about an entirely fictional legion of workshy loafers did not win it the electorate’s respect.

It simply assisted the Tories in convincing large numbers of people to support attacks on benefits and therefore to vote for the party carrying out those attacks.

If Labour wants to win again, it needs to expose the cruelty of the Conservative project and start arguing for the values the party was founded to fight for solidarity and social justice.



3 responses to “Satire On Benefit Sanctions the facts

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  2. I keep saying it email them a subject access request telling them you require the following.

    A copy of the receipt of receiving the letter is the main thing you are after, this is usually a signature.
    They may send a copy of the letter, sometimes they send a new letter with another date on, that you are supposed to attend some time in the future, but mainly you get a copy of a letter that was added to your file but never posted.
    The next two are the clinchers they cannot provide the proofs so say we posted it on A day and you should have received it on B day, This is not the proof you were looking for as they don’t get proof of postage or proof of receipts from the post office, in fact they are snowed in with SAR’s they have stopped getting proof of receipt for their delivery.

    You can then inform the DWP you intend to prosecute them for the sum of two weeks money for every one week you are without money, you do this by downloading county court papers filling them in and attaching them to your next email, sometimes this is enough to force their hand and restart payments, backdated to the date the money stopped. You can then file a claim for compensation for the stress and trauma this deceit by the DWP caused you.
    I wish everyone would follow this advice as most sanctions are added to files by the way of letters not sent but added to a persons claim paperwork, this constitutes fraud by the DWP.


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