Satire Immigration and refugees

hhhahaHow many of you like myself are fed up with the constant headlines of illegal immigrants and refugees are rushing to enter our boarders in the hope of a better life and our the pavements are pave with gold which is being reported in the newspapers and television coupled by social media from far-right and right-wing press and organisations.

Somehow those groups and organisations thrive in spreading fear with their twisted views by claiming those illegals are here to take our jobs, housing, driving fancy cars, having plenty of children, getting our daughters pregnant, a Black life does not matter, and claiming benefits as they are just plebes. You know what it’s so easy to say all those things in any statements to our neighbours in the hope that they will be so gullible and they too will jump on the bandwagon to join their cause to get rid of us immigrants and refugees.

This is becoming very scary now and hitting a raw nerve now that a son of a immigrant who is only repeating what the views of the press and the far-right groups would like in the hope that we will all believe their rubbish and brainwashing tactics to further their recruitment into their organisations. (Doh)

hhhaha3Let’s now face some home truths now. The establishment all over Europe cannot address the immigration and refugee crisis as they are guilty as hell by invading third world countries during fourteen century to the present time to plundering their precious metals, sowing their oaks, and replacing dictatorship in the Middle East, West Indies, African continent, South East Asia and Asia. Oh I get it let the all the world leaders take the lead by introducing the Aussie solution or let them drown at sea do hear and read some people will say. There is no proper a solution to address this problem as one size does not fit all comes to mind.

Does this now sounds familiar like racism and fascism to you. No I’ve got a girlfriend and boyfriend, wife, or husband who is Black, Thai, Chinese, Asian, White and Polish will be instant reply from the bigots. The funny side to justify all of this they are very quick to point out they enjoy a curry, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Caribbean meal with a pint or a glass of wine so therefore we are not being bigotry towards us foreigners. The fact remains there is racism and fascism in all race.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of things now which some people will never accept about immigration and refugees. The reality is there are people who genuinely are fleeing from percussion on the grounds of being gay, political activities, torture, child soldiers, and some just want a better life. Put yourself in their shoes and I can be certain that all will concur we would do the same. Oh before I forget immigrants has and continues to make a big contribution to the UK economy. So take that and smoke it in your pipe.

It is purported that thousands of refugees will be plunged further into poverty today as the Tories impose a brutal cut to support for people seeking asylum in Britain.

Families will be left worse off with the introduction of a flat-rate payment which will bring the help for children under 16 from £52.96 to under £37 a week.

Three of Britain’s biggest charities the Red Cross, Refugee Action and the Refugee Council will publicly condemn the government for its approach to the on-going refugee crisis.

Their criticism less than a day after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned of migrants undermining the European “standard of living and social structure.”

The new asylum-seekers’ support will see a single parent and their child live off less than £74 a week in cash.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2013 an average British household spent almost seven times more a week. Refugee Action chief executive Stephen Hale has forewarned that “We are deeply concerned that the children of families seeking asylum are being targeted in this way.

“Coupled with recent government proposals to exclude some families from claiming support altogether, these cuts will increase poverty and suffering among some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

The cut was also condemned as “immoral and dangerous” by Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Alistair Carmichael MP.

He said: “Many of these people have fled war and suffering, but are doctors, professors and skilled professionals.

“These are people who want to contribute, but can’t because the law requires they rely on the state instead.”

According to the Refugee Council up to 74 per cent of all asylum-seekers are refused residency in Britain. While numbers have grown since 2008, applications for asylum in 2014 were below 25,000, with those fleeing from conflicts in Afghanistan, Syrian and Eritrea among the highest number of applicants.

But speaking during a state visit to Singapore, Mr Hammond claimed “millions” of people were heading for Britain.

He said: “We have got to be able to resolve this problem ultimately by being able to return those who are not entitled to claim asylum back to their countries of origin. That’s our number one priority.

“As long as the European Union’s laws are the way they are, many of them will only have to set foot in Europe to be pretty confident that they will never be returned to their country of origin.

He added that more than enhancing the “physical security” of the Channel tunnel was necessary to address the problem.

The government’s approach, however, seems to go against popular sentiment, as news of local communities and individuals organizing aid convoys mushroomed in the last few weeks.

London couple Mona Dohle and Syed Bokhari have so far raised over £5,000 for their trip to Calais this weekend, when they hope to deliver a generator to a school for refugee children as well as food, clothes and medicine.

Hey all this so-called Immigration Minister James Brokenshire says rogue bosses will face “the full force of government machinery” if they are caught out employing people not authorised to work in this country.

Let’s hope this signals a new willingness by the Tories to punish the exploiters rather than the exploited.

If so, this would mark a sea change in Conservative customs. After all, the party has form when it comes to hypocrisy on immigration.

Only last year, Brokenshire’s predecessor Mark Harper  the charmer behind those Go Home or Face Arrest vans, with their whiff of fascist thuggery was caught out illegally employing a woman called Isabella Acevedo.

Poor Harper had to resign and eke out a living on his meagre £67,000 MP’s salary for nearly six months before being made Minister for Disabled People and now Chief Whip.

Ms Acevedo was spared such indignity, merely being arrested at her daughter’s wedding and deported to Colombia.
So it’s good to hear Brokenshire commit to a “new approach” which will “take away the unfair advantage enjoyed by those who employ illegal migrants.”

The minister is absolutely right to point out that dodgy companies employ these people for a reason.

Unable to stand up for their rights, either because they are not aware of what those are or because they cannot afford to draw attention to their situation, they can be forced to work for lower wages, fired more easily and are far less likely to challenge dangerous working conditions.

The minister is deeply concerned that such employers are more likely to “breach health and safety rules.” A shame, then, that he is part of a government which slashed Health and Safety Executive funding by almost 40 per cent over the last parliament prompting a steep decline in unannounced inspections and serves a Prime Minister determined to “kill off health and safety culture for good.”

Brokenshire is also on the money when he says cheating firms are “denying work to UK citizens and helping drive down wages.”

Helping who drive down wages, though? The answer would seem to be his own government.

As construction industry union Ucatt points out, if the government were serious about tackling abusive employers it could extend the Gangmasters Act to cover more than its current remit of workers operating in agriculture, food processing and shellfish collection.

hhhaha1Construction is an industry crying out for better regulation. If the Act was extended to it as well as to domestic work, care work and hospitality, as the GMB union recommends companies operating in the sectors would need to be licensed to provide labour, enabling authorities to weed out bad employers before they even entered the field.
This sensible, preventative approach nowhere appears on Brokenshire’s list of priorities, however. Instead apparently immigration officers are going to mount a “wave of raids.”

Expect more luckless, trafficked and super exploited labourers to face arrest while the faceless agencies that hire them melt into the shadows.

Because the government is not serious. If it cared about wages, it would not be seeking to silence the voices of the only force in society proven to drive them up the trade unions.

It would not be taking the axe to collective bargaining rights across entire sectors through fragmentation and outsourcing. And it would not be trying to force through a Trade Union Bill which tramples on some of the most basic rights working people have, making it all but impossible to call a legal strike and perfectly OK for bosses to bus in agency labour even if you manage to do so.

We should not fall for the minister’s crocodile tears. Conservatives, not migrants, are the ones helping business drive down your pay.




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