Who is responsible for EU Crisis on refugees?

refugees3I don’t normally give credit where it’s due to Chancellor Angela Merkel she is correct to say:

Europe as a whole needs to move on how to deal with refugees and migrants arriving in EU.

If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for.

Somehow I have to admit whilst I may concur with Angela Merkel there is something deep down inside me that also says don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the current situation.

I would kindly remind all the world establishment to read on the European Convention on Refugees for those who is not aware of it or chosose to ignore it they are just as guilty of committing a crime against humanity:


If one goes back into the centuries of migration it was the Europeans explorers that started the problems with the great blessings of their kings and queens by invading foreign countries looting for gold and richness to return to their country of origin in glory during the fourteen century.mg

Oh here we go again, we are not responsible for what our forefathers did do I hear people shouting in some quarters. Well it seems like mud sticks unfortunately. The other-side of the coin is it’s the Europeans who created the problem in the first place and without migration the economy of our nation would not have survived. I say thanks to our nation that we have equality of opportunity, diversity, and multiculturalism today from immigrants who helped to build our country with a variety of languages, skills, entertainment, and foods.

refugees1Let’s not forget it’s was our colonial masters who had to recruit soldiers and merchant sailors from Chinese, Indian, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Caribbean, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish backgrounds to help to defeat the fascists in both World Wars that brought in the richness that we witnessed today which the racist and fascist refuse to acknowledge as they are the first ones to say by having all those foreigners it’s a drain to public services and how conveniently they seem to forget or refuse to acknowledge. Oh what a laugh that racist and fascist enjoy the fine food of the world on their doorstep with a pint or wine.

The British establishment (Conservatives) are very quick to pander to UKIP, and BNP voters by introducing British Values and they are no position to explain what are the values. When someone tries to look up what are British values there is no definition at the current time. However there is lots of information about Britishness. I would ask our politicians what are British values.

Checkout this you will be surprised:

It was not long ago that European leaders have agreed to resettle 40,000 refugees currently in Italy and Greece to other EU countries over the next two years.

EU president Donald Tusk said the agreement was reached after an overnight summit to show “solidarity with front-line countries.”

IMG_2230The EU will also resettle 20,000 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq, currently in camps outside the EU.

But the agreements only cover a fraction of the total number of refugees arriving.

More than 114,000 have been rescued from overloaded boats operated by unscrupulous people-traffickers in the Mediterranean so far this year, and 2,600 have died or gone missing during the voyage.

“It is, to tell the disturbing truth, a very modest effort,” admitted European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said: “There is a lack of ambition, a lack of will. It wasn’t a sense of solidarity that dominated around that table.”

Here is something else that EU leaders have very short memories that  European Union negotiations on a quota allocation system for refugees were in jeopardy yesterday after some nations rejected the scheme.

Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia were among those objecting to the proposal to share the responsibility of settling refugees among the 28 EU member states. The plan requires unanimous agreement.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, of the conservative Fidesz party, raged: “It is a crazy idea for someone to let refugees into their own country, not defends their borders, and then says: ‘Now I will distribute them among you, who did not want to let anyone in’,” he said.

Slovakia’s Interior Ministry said that it “currently refuses binding quotas on migrants,” while Estonia said it prefers voluntary relocation and resettlement for refugees.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that it would be “hard work” to put a quota system in place but said there was “a large group of countries” in favour.

I have to concur with David Miliband when he called on the British government to take in its fair share of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and other conflicts, and said continued failure to do so would represent an abandonment of the UK’s legal and humanitarian traditions.

refugees2The former foreign secretary, who now heads the International Rescue Committee (IRC) aid agency, has been quoted that the strict limits Britain has placed on the acceptance of refugees represented a double standard that would ultimately undermine Britain’s influence abroad.

“When I hear people say we’ve got to firm up our borders, it makes me think of the message we’re sending to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, which is to keep their borders open for Syrians,” Miliband said in an interview in New York.

“People in Britain have got to understand that these countries notice the difference between what we’re saying and what we’re doing.”

The UK granted asylum to roughly 10, 000 refugees last year, significantly fewer than most other wealthy western European countries. On a per capita basis, Britain’s record is one of the meanest on the continent. Miliband, who was Labour’s foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010, said that performance represented a turning away from the country’s more welcoming past.

“Britain was at the forefront of writing the conventions and writing the protocols that established legal rights for refugees. A lot of the legal theory came out of the UK,” he said. “The reasons we did so were good in the the 40s and 50s and they are good today. What applied to Europeans then should apply to Africans and Asians today. We cannot say UN conventions apply to one group of people and not to others.”

The IRC is helping to meet the immediate humanitarian needs of the thousands of desperate refugees arriving daily on the Greek island of Lesbo An estimated 4,000 arrived on Saturday alone. According to the agency, with 80% fleeing war in Syria and 14% escaping chronic conflict in Afghanistan.

The language used by British government, and much of the UK media, to describe the crisis, referring to migrants rather than refugees (although the majority arriving on Europe’s shores are fleeing war or persecution), reflected a conscious effort to deny them their rights enshrined by international convention.

“It is a misnamed crisis, and it seems not misnamed by accident. It’s been too convenient to misname it as a migrant crisis, because it suggests these people are voluntarily fleeing, whereas in fact if you’ve been barrel-bombed out of your home three times, life and limb demand that you flee,” he said. “It’s not about being politically incorrect in using the term migrant. It’s simply incorrect.”

Germany, France and the UK have called for a meeting of EU interior and justice ministers in mid-September to work out new responses to the crisis. The US has said it would open its doors to more Syrian refugees, having taken in less than a thousand so far, but its plan is to take in only 8,000 by the end of next year.

“There needs to be some burden-sharing bigger countries taking more people than smaller countries, richer countries taking more people than poorer countries. Historically the US has taken about 50% of the world’s resettled refugees. It would certainly help the European debate if the Americans were seen to be stepping up.”

And I have to say that I personally don’t think that David Cameron’s current establishment really gives two monkeys about the refugee crisis this is on the grounds of that he is too busy pandering to
the UKIP and BNP voters. I have more respect for Yvette Cooper who also sums it up in a nutshell for me. See article below:






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