Public Services stretched to the limit

First disappointment:

When this establishment gets it public services right we should praise our public services, when the service goes wrong we should inform the management so they can put it right. Recently I had to attend an appointment with a relative which was arranged by a multi-agency  organisation this was the second time that we had to use them. On this occasion we were not happy with the service that they provided firstly the transportation reach two hours late which made matters worse then when we got to the X-ray department only to be informed that they postponed all X-rays and they will be in

Second disappointment:

On the way back from our disappointed appointment we had to make a stop to the post office in the town centre as this was the nearest one to us, we decided to join the queue to be serviced finally we thought as we stood near the front only for an announcement that they cannot serve anybody as the counter staff are due to go on their training and they are closing down for the evening.

Third disappointment:

Went to doctors’ surgery surprisingly to have a multiple of things like to give a blood, and urine samples and a refill prescription for my service user medication to only learn that they are closed for three days. All of this could have been avoided if the staff would have informed us beforehand so that the travel arrangement could be been put off for another time.

Some people will say that we should not criticise our public services as they are over worked and underpaid. I would concur with some of the sentiment to an extent. The other side of the coin is we all use our beloved public services as customers and without customers there will not be public services. Although there has been some improvement however more can be done to improve the way how the conservative establishment invest in our services instead of tendering our services to the highest bidder only for them to cream of the best services back into the hands of private profiteers. For this I blame both previous and present governments as they could have solved these issues ages ago but instead to continue to pay lip services.jchang

Local Government has faced one of the biggest cuts in recorded history seconded by Police, NHS, Defence, Housing, Welfare schools, and Highways to name a few. Somehow I can see much worst to arrive there has been signs in place like the jaws of doom both in Local and Central government as the cuts are being implemented heavy handily and in return public services are expected to produce more for less in all their services whilst the staff moral are down by the insult of the establishment offering public sector workers a 1 per cent increase in their salaries of whilst Members of Parliament are offered a 11 per cent pay raise.

How will the current government fund our public services with the increase in services that they have provide to the recent announcement of 20,000 refugees which is due to arrive coming months. Whilst I whole heartedly concur with the European Convention on refugees and asylum seekers I can’t help feeling that the likes of far right groups and UKIP will exploit this to their own gains by arguing that we should look after our own people first.

Ban Ki Moon is correct to say that the UN security council is failing Syria because of big power divisions which have prevented action to end a conflict that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and driven the biggest refugee exodus in a generation.

He further criticised Russia and China should “look beyond national interest” and stop blocking security council action on the conflict in Syria as the flow of refugees to Europe reaches unprecedented levels.

dc“We need some solidarity, unity of purpose, particularly among the permanent members of the security council,” he said in an interview. “When they are divided, it is extremely difficult for the United Nations to deliver. That’s why I’ve been urging the members of the security council to look beyond national interest. We have to look for the global interest.

“When the security council members are united we have seen very speedy and tremendous impact in addressing the issues, as we have seen in the case of chemical weapon investigation in Syria”.

Although he did not mention Russia and china by name the two countries have on several occasions blocked resolutions critical of the Syrian government, threatening sanctions or pressing it towards a negotiated settlement. Last year, Moscow and Beijing also vetoed a move backed by the 13 other permanent and non-permament members of the security council to refer the Syrian conflict for investigation by the international criminal court.

Ban had backed the referral to the ICC, saying the Syrian people “have a fundamental right to justice”.

He has previously spoken of his “shame” and “anger” at the international community’s “impotence to stop the war” in Syria, and said the UN’s credibility had suffered as a result.

There are various estimates for the death toll in Syria, extending up to more than 300,000, while about half the pre-war population of 22 million has been uprooted.

kdghgThe UN high commissioner for refugees has described the exodus of people fleeing the fighting as the largest refugee crisis in a generation. About 4 million people have crossed into neighbouring countries with almost half of those going to Turkey. Tens of thousands have made the difficult and often dangerous journey to Europe.

The UNHCR said nearly 350,000 Syrians had applied for political asylum in Europe since the war began. In August, the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, said he was confident Russia would continue to back his regime.

“We have strong confidence in the Russians, as they have proven throughout this crisis, for four years, that they are sincere and transparent in their relationship with us,” he said in an interview with Hezbollah’s al –Manar television network. ssad described Russia as “principled”, while “the United States abandons its allies, abandons its friends”.

Last month, Barack Obama called on Russia and Syria’s principal regional ally, Iran, to “recognise that the trend lines are not good for Assad”.

Ban acknowledged that growing demands within the UN for the security council to be reformed. “A lot of interesting ideas have been proposed by the member states and there is widespread feeling and opinion among member states that considering such dramatic changes in political and security field in the world, the security council should change also, in a more democratic way, transparent and accountable way,” he said.

uiefhkWhile there is frustration that international action to try to end Syria’s deepening humanitarian crisis is being blocked by Moscow and Beijing, criticism of the permanent members’ use of the veto for narrow political interest is longstanding. The US has used its veto to protect Israel from criticism more times than the total number of vetoes cast by the other permanent members combined.

The expectation from this government falls short of what Yvette Cooper MP and David Miliband proposed of 24,000 this is a fall by 4000. Granted there is a strong case for the argument to take in its fair share of the refugees from war torn countries. They need help now and European establishment needs to work together now, not tomorrow. It’s no wonder that that European nations are in turmoil as each country are passing the buck and blaming each other instead of abiding by the European Conversation when both asylum seekers and refugees arrives to registering them from the country that they first landed in Europe so that they can receive support instead the establishment is more concerned about their own greed by selling weapons of mass destruction to the Middle East in return for black gold.

jjdIt’s very noble of David Cameron to say that UK had a moral responsibility to those living in camps bordering Syria while doing all it can to end the conflict there. Vulnerable children and orphans would be prioritised what will be a national effort. I wonder like many others were it because of people’s power where they started to take to social media and government petition that caused the change of heart.

Well here is the hidden agenda it turns out that the Tories wants to deport the refugees when their 18, so much for the big announcement in the house. This also happened under a previous Labour government when some Afghanistan and Iraqis came to the UK.

This is got to be a first by using aid money to support councils to take in refugees this nothing more than pandering to the likes of far right groups, BNP and UKIP as they want out of European Union.

The increase of right-wing xenophobes are bound to make hay out of the latest migration figures, which indicate net immigration to Britain is at an all-time high.

They are bound to conflate the numbers issued by the Office for National Statistics with the desperate scenes that have dominated our television screens this summer, of refugees crowded into rickety boats or forced to set up rudimentary camp in the concrete Jungle at Calais.

Actually the figures tell a different story. The “net migration” measure of 330,000 is the difference between the number of people entering this country and the number leaving.TUC_Oct4_emailFooter_1

Yes, it’s a new record, so it’s higher than it ever was under Labour, and yes, it makes a mockery of David Cameron’s “no ifs, no buts” brag that he would cut immigration to below 100,000.

The Prime Minister was talking nonsense, since he knew at the time and knows now that EU law prevents member states from limiting migration within the bloc. And 269,000 of the 330,000 — 85 per cent — are EU citizens.

They are coming here legitimately and legally, many are doing essential work in our public services, they pay more in tax than they receive in social security payments. Indeed, the same is true of immigrants from outside the EU, as demonstrated in repeated studies.

Immigration is not then an economic problem. Social dumping is where, bolstered by rulings in the ill-named European Court of Justice, ruthless employers hire foreign workers at below the going rate to drive wages down.

The correct response in industries where this is common, such as construction and agriculture, has already been flagged up by unions working in the sectors extend the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to prevent rogue employers from operating, ensure all workers are organised and restore collective bargaining rights.

This Conservative government’s bid to outlaw most industrial action and hobble trade unions is what will drive wages down. It’s the Tories and not the migrants we need to see off.

At the same time, any bid to confuse this issue with that of the refugees fleeing Africa and the Middle East should be given short shrift.

Britain is not a “soft touch” for people seeking to escape genocide and war — quite the opposite.

The vast majority of those fleeing the butchery in Syria, for example, have taken refuge in neighbouring countries.

Out of an estimated four million Syrians who have been forced to leave their country, 3.5 million are in Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan.

Even of the tiny proportion who have sought refuge in Europe, Britain has offered shelter to less than 1 per cent compared to 40 per cent who have been taken in by Germany and 20 per cent by Sweden.

David Cameron and Theresa May show total indifference to the desperation of the destitute, shutting them out with razor-wire fences and sniffer dogs.

This is rendered even more shameful by the instrumental role Britain has played in creating the refugee crisis in the first place.

Iraq we invaded, Libya we bombed, Syria we merely helped fill with gun-toting religious extremists by funding and arming groups we hoped would overthrow the Assad regime.

Some of those “radicalised” killers come from Britain itself, as our security services are so keen to remind us when it gives them an opportunity to spy on our emails or tap our phones.

Tory ministers are not just too hard-hearted to help those in need. They are too hypocritical to take some responsibility for the mayhem they have caused.

After all this taking place with a conservative government I still love our public service and I would urge all to make your way to this years Conservative Conference with your banners and invite all your friend with you say





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