Further Privatization of our public services Onwards

hhnfI would like to make it clear that I will take no lesions from a Conservative Government with their constant blame game of Labour Party whilst they are in power. If people thought it was bad enough having a Labour Government then I have to say that Labour did more good than a Coalition or a Conservative Government put together as evidence will show that Labour invested more into our public services than the present establishment. Conservatives have a vested interest by introducing the U.S. Style of privatisation of public services (NHS and Prison Service)

It’s no surprise that our services are the hardest hit with cuts in both Central and Local governments to make way for privatisation by contracting out to the private sector in return for them to cherry pick the best services for a quick buck. I can just hear people reading this article saying “here we go we’ve got another lefty nutter who goes not believe in progress and capitalism”. Well if it means to selling off our public services to the highest bidder than I’m a very proud to be branded a communist, proud to be born in our NHS, and proud to be a son of immigrants.

jfjmngI can see this so called establishment will introducing legislation to make it compulsory to buy private health insurance for the use of our beloved NHS which both UKIP and BNP will be jumping for joy. Our NHS was introduced by a Labour a Government after the Second World War free at the point of need. This government then has a cheek to say that “they are the party for the working people”. Like hell they are, they are hiding the fact that they are the party for the fatcats and billionaires. In other words as the American dollar bill says in god we trust which is the code word for saying in the name of the almighty dollar we trust.

Some will argue it was Labour Government that started the part privatisation during their time in office. This may be a half-baked truth in it. In actual fact it was under Thatcher and Major Governments that started the process by privatising our public services in the first place by closing down some hospitals for Learning disabilities and Mental Health this came about when Care In The Community came into force which opened the floodgates to the third sectors and private sectors who thought that they would make a killing on our health services and social services.

Oh have I forgotten about Private Finance Initiative(PFI) which was introduce by the Conservatives just before the last days in government they started the attack on the Cleaning, and catering Departments in the hospitals. by contracting out the services.jfngh

Let’s not forget our railways, water, electricity, gas, transport, and coal mining was once in public ownership now in the private sector compliments of the Conservatives between 1970s – 1980s. Can someone remind me which government introduced the right to buy council house. I wonder was it a Conservative Government and they failed to mention that they failed to build more council housing, so who was short memories now.

If voters want to throw rotten tomatoes and cabbages then throw them at the Conservatives for attacking our NHS in the first instance. It’s no wonder why doctors and nurses are leaving the NHS for better pay to apply their skills to other parts of the continent such as Austria or they open up their own private consultant services and reapply for jobs in our NHS as consultants with specialised skills that our NHS badly needed coupled by using nursing agencies and recruiting foreign nurses to fill post which not enough trained nurses are not forthcoming as this government has cut the nursing and doctors budget dramatically.

jkfgngWhilst most people will recognise that changes are needed and challenge to implement in order to save our NHS what most want a service will continue to argue that our service should be continued to be free at the point of need. And those who can afford to pay they should pay more to use our NHS.

The very cheek of  David Cameron to say child protection services are facing privatisation to “reform” public services and “streamline” government.

Speaking in Leeds yesterday, the Prime Minister claimed children’s services were an example of “state failure” that demanded “more ambitious reform.”

And, in a move that mirrors Tory schools policy, he threatened to strip local authorities of responsibility for social services and hand them over to not-for-profit trusts.

kjkfMr Cameron said it was part of his vision for a “smarter state,” where the government would “spend less and deliver more.”

“It’s not unlike business,” he said. “Businesses are constantly adapting and changing, using new technology or new methods of delivery to improve both their products and reduce their costs.

“I’m not suggesting we should run government exactly like a business. I just mean that if we use their insights, we can help develop a smarter state.”

Campaign for Public Ownership director Neil Clark said the prospect of “wholescale outsourcing and privatisation” lurked behind the Prime Minister’s reform rhetoric.

“The extremist agenda of Cameron and his government is very obvious it’s to destroy the last vestiges of the progressive post-World War II mixed economy.

“When he talks about a ‘smarter state,’ he means a state that can still afford to bomb Syria, but one which won’t provide libraries, social care and other important public services.”

Mr Cameron also asserted that he had a “moral imperative” to “streamline” government.jdvjsdv

The sale of public assets that are “no longer needed” is to be fast tracked, while public land will be flogged off with planning permission to make it more attractive to big-money buyers.

Power over fire services will also be handed over to police and crime commissioners.

Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack said: “These are badly thought-out proposals from a government which couldn’t care less about emergency services or those they employ.

“Police are law enforcers, while fire and rescue is a humanitarian service with a very different remit and culture. Firefighters need to be seen to be neutral within the communities they serve.”

There is no doubt in my mind that this government is also set to introduce laws that will compel the police, fire and ambulance services to combine “back office functions.”

Having said all of this, now the question what will be Labour Party position on this will it is more of the same or will there be a change in direction as we all know that Labour has suffered two defeats from general elections 2010-2015.
Labour needs to take a very hard look inwards and start to gain its grounds to identify what the party stands for and stop appetising to all. Now is the time to stop crying over spilled milk. Now is the time for our new leader and members of the party to unite and have a fundamental rethink on what lays ahead and be more consistent with the message that they are promoting and identity themselves differently from the Conservatives in the next local elections in 2016 on wards.


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