More Negative spin on Jeremy Corbyn Newly elected Leader

jhefThere is much speculation from the media in regards to Jeremy Corbyn with their negative reporting but in truth its early days for the new leader to shine as the newly elected leader of the Labour Party and how he will lead us to victory leading up to the local and general elections which many of the voters wants to know before they give their trust back to Labour.

It’s good to know that one man has inspired so many new activists back into the party to reclaim the party to revisit its roots inwards. The main concerns are the policies will they be able to persuade the voters to return to get a Labour victory.

It’s no surprise that Conservatives are on the defensive already which they had planned should Jeremy Corbyn became leader coupled by the reporting of alleged ten shadow ministers resigning to return to the life of backbench. The truth is we will never really comprehend the reasons why they took the decisions. One reason could be that they had spent some time on the front bench and felt that they need to recuperate and recharge their battery to fight another day and there is a place for new talent to put their name into the hat to come forward.

hdbfhtgklfThis is definite intriguing times ahead whilst the TUC conference begins no doubt lots of praises to the new leader and there are a number of important bills that lay before parliament such as the Trade Union Bill, the third reading of Welfare Reform bill, Tax Credits, Syria, European Union, English Referendum, Economy, immigration, and Small Businesses to name a few that comes to mind. I’m almost sure that this establishment will try to force through various statements for the use of another drone strikes on Syria and they would use the argument of National Security based on our intelligence service. The new leader must ensure that the chief whip enforce a three way whip in place to our Labour MPs. Some will argue this will not help but hinder. If it hinders then I would kindly remind our Labour MPs that it’s us the members of the party that select their candidature for the Joe Public to vote them into office.

On the face of the new shadow cabinet it seems to be good at the surface but only time will tell how the new shadow cabinet will do and how effectively that they do their jobs that they been given to do. One thing is for sure there is an appetite for change and don’t forget that we have lost two general elections and people want to see a change of direction of Labour Party. I do concur that changes is needed and there are many of the party who are wondering if we have the right person to lead us to victory. I say only time will tell and the fact that the leader got 59.9 per cent of the vote from the membership to me mean little to same ordinary Job blog and who is only wants to know where their next meal is coming from if they vote labour in all the elections.

Intriguingly the list of shadow ministers that has been introduced questions remains what experience do they have on the front bench other than


  • Shadow chancellor – John McDonnell
  • Shadow foreign secretary – Hilary Benn
  • Shadow home secretary – Andy Burnham
  • Shadow business secretary – Angela Eagle
  • Shadow health secretary – Heidi Alexander
  • Shadow justice secretary – Lord Falconer
  • Shadow education secretary – Lucy Powell
  • Shadow international development secretary – Diane Abbott
  • Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury – Seema Malhotra
  • Chief whip – Rosie Winterton

I will continue urge members to hold their to ground and hold the leadership to account. remember without the members there will not be a party.


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