Save our Public services

“While the rest of Europe is marching to confront the new challenges, the prime minister [Margaret Thatcher] is shuffling along in the gutter in the opposite direction, like an old bag lady, muttering imprecations at anyone who catches her eye.”

“While the rest of Europe is marching to confront the new challenges, the prime minister [Margaret Thatcher] is shuffling along in the gutter in the opposite direction, like an old bag lady, muttering imprecations at anyone who catches her eye.”

Firstly, I would like to say that the four arrest on Sunday 4 October does not represent the majority of the Marchers who went on the Anti-Austerity March. It was not done in my name.

What is David Cameron playing at by ensuring that Jamaica receiving 25 million pounds to building a prison for convicts that are found guilty for alleged drug mule to the UK. Surely this money could be well spent on investing on our public services and building council housing.

By doing this #piggate (David Cameron) has opened the floodgates for far right groups to say this money could be better spent on us the English people whom they will use as a recruiting ground to attack more black and minority ethnic groups which include Muslims and Jews.
I would like to make it very clear that I have visited the island on many occasions and it’s a lovely place which most Jamaicans all over the world will call it the land and water which is true. Let’s not forget that it was a European person called Christopher Columbus that discovered the island and he claimed that island in the name of Queen Isabella. In actual fact it was the Arawak who were the first settlers on the island.

It was Spain who brought the slaves to the island and some of them escaped their masters then called themselves maroons. The British came they ruled the island until the independence was granted in 1962. There is a can of worms coming to the forefront by allowing the family of slaves all over the Caribbean and African nations wanting to claim compensation from all the European Nations.

However I recognize that this will not happen as it’s a form of nationalism that will not be acceptable which are what African nations has been pushing for centuries. This is something which the European Nations will have to address very soon. The African nations is just as bad as the European nations for helping them to ensuring that there were a supply of slaves available from different tribes.Slave_trade

Instead all the European nations would rather highlight modern day slavery as it is more acceptable to address rather than they come clear to say that their fore parents were previously slave and plantain owners to boost their social status to become Members of Parliament (MPs) and Governors.

For the moment David Cameron can gloat all he wants as he and his cabinet ministers will use every opportunity to attack Jeremy Corbyn by indicating that he is not fit to be Prime Minister at the Conservative Conference this week in Manchester. They will claim that Labour is weak and they have a weak leader coupled by the so called uprising of his shadow cabinet ministers

David Cameron seems to forget he got a rough ride from the media and press when he stood for the Conservative Leadership but he pulled through to win a election with a majority of 12. A week in politics is a long time and the tide can turn on the conservatives. No doubt after all the conferences are over Conservatives will be on the attack with a vengeance to attack our pension and procurement policies which were introduced by a Labour Government from 1997/10 as they pay masters(hedge funders) demand they get a payback for donating to the Tories coffers. What a cheek of them to say the trade union are the pay master of Labour Party will both Thatcher and Major used those very words to attack our party.5-DavidCameron

So much for the political establishment (Conservatives) wanting to save British steel which they did squat dilly instead they chose to visit China to invest into HS2 and purchase cheap steel. No doubt that they will argue that the steel down turn is part as global issue. In the meantime the NHS is in turmoil with the possibility of family doctors alleging mass resignations in protest at increasing workloads leaving the government three months to prevent closures of surgeries. This comes no surprise that this establishment wants to bury bad news showing the health service to be hurting towards an unprecedented £20 billion deficit in a publication of a watchdog report containing the figures as not to hurt the Conservative party conference. It’s purported that half of teachers in England are thinking of quitting in the next two years suggested by a survey which found 61% of those wanting to leave blame workload. Conservatives smell the coffee now not tomorrow.

I love to have a vote in our future of UK to either remain in or out of Europe. Somehow I don’t have any confidence of a conservative establishment to deliver on its promise in EU. If anything I think that workers’ rights will not make one jock of a difference to the Conservatives they would rather stick two fingers at the social chapter.

It’s been purported that some backbenchers of the Conservatives worried about tax credit. What hug wash they are more worried of losing their seats leading up to general elections in 2020. They fail to recognize that there are people who have no choice but to queue up at the food banks to make ends meet. Whilst some people who are on benefits are struggling to find out how do they go about to receive a food-bank voucher which you are entitled to get three a year. So in between this time they lose out on their housing, council tax and to top it off they are unable to top up their electricity, gas meters and bedroom tax. All of this reminds of me of the dreaded poll tax which thatcher government introduced but only to scrap it later on during her premiership.foodbank

Conservatives says they are the party of working people. Yeah right. They rather hit people who are on benefits who suffer a disability which are visible and non-visible. They key message at their conference to people who are benefits get on your bike and find a job. I find it rich from the Tories saying they have a number of people are back at work. In truth there are people who are on zero hour contracts and some of course have gone self-employed with very little help from this establishment. Instead we have some of the policies that a Labour Government introduced has been scrapped by this government like SureStart, family friendly policies, incentives for unemployment for taking on unemployed, welfare reform like introducing the American system, national min wage, and living wage, to name a few. So it’s little wonder that David Cameron wants his successor to be George Osborne to be leader. The dark horse in the race will be Boris Johnson to take the crown away from the rest of the contenders.

I welcome the idea of a seven days of doctor surgery opening with some caution this grand idea of the establishment comes at a time when junior doctors, and general practitioners (GP) are under paid and over worked in UK and the fully qualified doctors are leaving UK to work in other countries or they are setting up their own consultancy which this Tory government continues to encourage them to do. I would like to see the loopholes closed to ensure that both doctors and nurses get their fair share of the deal instead of the government coming out with their usual anti NHS statements.

When the establishment gets their policies correct I will praise them, when they get it wrong I will criticize them over our public services. I have to say I disagree with this establishment over their policies on our public services. They need to go back to basics and listen to the professionals. So it’s little wonder voters and potential voters came out to vote.

The public does sense that if the party has no discipline from the shadow cabinet down to the membership they will not gain the supporters to put us back into power for the general elections in 2020.

In 2016 there will be local government, police crime commissioner, and London mayor elections all on the same day. Although it will be a testing time for Labour they will need to have policies in place. I say this to be cruel to be kind when I call on all sections of Labour members to unite and fight against the Tories before the elections. If we don’t do this then we as a party deserve to lose.
Remember to lobby all your prospective candidates and Member of Parliament on where they stand on our public services, and welfare.    




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