Stand your ground Junior Doctors

The Tories are now on the side of working poor. Pure Monty Python.

Each time there has been a successful Conservative Government in place there has been more strike actions compare to a Labour Government. They are the same government that introduced Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT) during the late 1980s in the hope that they will continue with the privatisation. It was the same government that introduced the poll tax which rubbed people’s back and forced the government to make a u turn.sjkm

Don’t be hoodwinked by the Conservatives when they claim that Labour used privatisation of our NHS what they failed to mention that it was in the last days of Maggie Thatcher in office that she and John Major who closed down Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Hospitals, under the guise of care in the community which opened the floodgates for the third sectors to cherry pick the best services and the last Tory government contracted out the hospital cleaning services to the lowest bidder to make a quick turn over which they end up selling the land to pay their shareholders and build expensive housing and shopping centres which they forgot to mention. Nobody likes to go on strike especially Junior Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Fire Services, and Local Government let alone anybody who is employed by the public sector. The funny thing about the Conservatives they have a history of restricting trade unions members from taking strike action. We know the reason why they like to inflict pain on public sector workers with the 1% pay raise and coupled by the Tory donors putting pressure on David Cameron to be more like Thatcher.ksdjkfm

There are still memories that are embedded by the scares of Thatcherism on the shoulders of those who recall what Maggie Thatcher, and the former Lord Howe did to the coal miner strikers by involving the police and SAS to break up the picket lines. Not forgetting what they both did to our manufacturing industries which they were forced to close down and led many to the dole queue which included coal miners. It’s no surprise that the Conservatives continue to deny until this day as they don’t want to hold on to their nasty party image. Now they are saying that they are the party of Labour and common ground which they want to create or reclaim the new image to promote their brand one nation of conservatives which is more hash to the most vulnerable in society by informing them that we will see you back into the Victorian times(plebs).

Here is a very good reason why we must continue to vote fight and vote see link below:

The next thing this establishment will be attacking our pensions which many pensioners will be keeping a close eye as both successful governments have done in the past. It’s no wonder the grey power feels let down and angry to see their retirement fund being hit. If this establishment wants to keep pensioners on board then they should increase it and not decrease it. Well it comes as no surprise to the many that one in five British workers are being paid below the living wage, as “six million struggle to cover the basics as employers refuse decent pay”.jhsejh

George Osborne will make it worse by cutting tax credit. So it’s no wonder he is laughing and running all the way to the bank whilst sticking two fingers at us.

Already we are seeing the signs of attack on Welfare and Trade Union Reform Bills being debated and voted on. There is still time for all sections of society to lobby their Member of Parliament (MP). It’s far better to remind your elected members why you voted for them to ensure that they represent your views in the house it does not matter whether you are low paid, unemployed, suffer with mental health, or physical disabilities as human beings we have the right to have our voice to be heard without fear of intimidation no matter what political persuasion an individual have and don’t be put off my your MP keep on lobbying him or her until they get the message. Stand up for your rights and don’t give up the fight. The suffragettes won the rights for woman to get the votes if they can do it so can the nation as they led the way to victory which changed the nation.


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