Welcome to Jeremy Hunt’s Victorian Plan

Here is a song that sum it up in a nutshell about junior doctors:


I’m in solidarity of our Junior Doctors going strike action not because of my politics it’s more of the check of how arrogant Jeremy Hunt Is towards our public sector workers.

Is it trick or treat, oh wait Halloween of the past and present has Jeremy Hunt gone insane to suggest that non EU citizens should pay for their medical care. Yes I do. I feel my ears burning say Jeremy Hunt. It’s about time that he gets off his high horse and stop thinking he is living in the land of the Americas.

This is the sort of policy that UKIP would love to see in the UK. Oh yes with his ideology of Health Insurance which Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttal will be privately jumping for joy from behind the scenes then telling their members differently in their faces at all their conferences.

Another reason why we should support our Junior doctors see youtube:


Okay must admit that there may be some home truths that some tourist may abuse our NHS but they are far fewer than the numbers of people who uses our NHS. The NHS should be able to raise revenues from somewhere but should it be at the expense of these who can pay into the system via our taxes.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is correct to say that doctors are meant to treat service users and not act as boarder coppers or guards for the government.jjkdgb

Somehow my personal view is that we have not seen the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sun-dance Kid (David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt) to inflict further damage by heavily reliant on the involvement of the public sectors to do the work of the government to dismantle our Local Government, NHS and other public services in the name of austerity by throwing a few bits crust to the Local Government Association and British Medical Association (BMA) for their agreement to help the establishment.

To add insult to injury the very gull Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s claims there is a “Monday to Friday” culture in the NHS by posting pictures of themselves working this weekend.

Mr Hunt made the comment earlier this week as he outlined plans to impose seven-day working at hospitals across the country.

But in riposte medics have gone on Twitter to post pictures and messages showing they are working at the weekend, causing the hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy to trend on the site.

Neurosurgeon Mark Wilson wrote: “24 patients seen about to do neurosurgery operation straight 72hrs on call!”

Sebastian Nixon uploaded a photograph of himself in his green medical scrubs and wrote: “Sixth shift this week in the Derriford ED. Damn these lazy doctors and their extravagant weekends. #ImInWorkJeremy.”

Mr Hunt went on Twitter to answer his critics, writing: “To drs on shift 2day: thx 4 ur hard work. Now we need 2 reflect that professionalism wth modern contract 2 make NHS safer! #ImInWorkJeremy.”jhefh

But the hapless Health Secretary landed himself in hot water after tweeting a photo of himself in blue scrubs with doctors at University College Hospital in London.

The photo captured a board listing the patients on the ward in the background, and critics demanded Mr Hunt issue an apology for the apparent breach of patient confidentiality.

On this note I would urge all political persuasion to support to our junior doctors and don’t let  Jeremy Hunt off the hook by taking us back to the Victorian times.

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