Chancellor of the exchequer finds funding to bomb Syria

Have we really seen the end of the Jaws of Doom over cuts to recent announcement to the chancellor’s budget?

The nutshell answer is a resounding no. Here we have a chancellor who loves to make capital out of playing party politics by giving in one hand and taking in the other hand is not on.

Conservatives still maintain that they are the party of working people what a damn cheek. Now who has been hoodwinked. Voters to vote for them now realized that the dangling carrots were nothing but a smoke screen by claiming that they would not cut working tax credits only for conservatives to put it to the vote and won in parliament only for the House of Lords to reject the proposal which they sent very strong message stop playing with people’s livelihood.  hjkb

If you think this the end then I say this is another wakeup call and start to smell the coffee all what the chancellor has offered is a temporary measures for the next round of cuts to be more hard hitting for the next budget to hit the police force, NHS, local government, housing benefits, disability benefits, universal credit which comes in effect 2018. He is more concerned about his canny image and in the hope that he has done enough to convince the backbenchers of the Conservatives to vote for him to replace David Cameron instead of Boris Johnson, and Theresa May.

Okay so Labour has made one or two small gains from u turns by the conservatives it’s nothing more than dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to justify the end of austerity in actual fact this spending review is one of the tightest in post war history.

How ironic that successive establishment always targets the less well-off and in most cases hit student bursaries for education and training budgets. So it’s no wonder why this government has changed the way you register to vote. They’ve made it harder for young voters, students, elderly or vulnerable people and those who more house. Yet the establishment can find the money to go to war.

As much as I loathe the Conservatives for hoodwinking many voters telling them one thing and then sticking two fingers at them now seems to find the funds available to support a war first against the Assad regime and lost the vote in Parliament then they decided to use the funds to bomb ISIS.

Yes I’m against the booming of any country and putting RAF in the air and possible ground forces. Whilst I comprehend there is a need for self-defence of their nation but at what price. I’m sure that many will concur that ISIS need to be ridden but one has to ask the question who created this situation in the first place. I still think there needs a proper plan in place for the long term solution by using political solution to freeze their assets and involve the Middle East to play a more active role by working with their western counterpart by providing their troops on the ground instead of using tokenism.

If after all the process fails then it’s a case of returning to the UN resolution to provide a full scale military action under chapter 7.hfv

It’s alleged that the establishment does not have enough votes from MPs to back air strikes against ISIS in Syria. It’s further purported that Tories had talks with Labour MPs but maintained that they are still in discussions to build a case and further admits it would be harder to receive support if Labour mandates their MPs to vote against air strikes. It now seems the Conservatives are robbing their hands and shouting out a laud YES, YES.

There is another side of the coin there are parents of sons, daughters, and vise versa who are serving members of the arm forces who are on standby waiting for their orders from the government and they are not in a position to speak their mind which they have to be above party politics they too need to be listened to also. This is hard task for any nations to decide to send troops in any country and the loss of lives. Nor am I going to go down the road of say look at what happened during WW2 as it would be wrong to use this as an example as the situation is totally different now to then. ISIS is more of a death cult who misrepresents Islam for their own gains. My concerns are not just of ISIS a lone but it must become ISIS Mark 2 against Assad regime. Yes I acknowledge that Assad has committed crimes against his own people and there must be a long term solution to address the whole of the Middle East. jhlu

Whilst I may not fully agree with the Stop the war stance at times they also have a voice too and yes I have been on their demos during the Blair years calling for stop the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq somehow the Labour establishment ignored the protest and went on to send the troops.

Most Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder against any form of terrorism it gained very little coverage. I know of cases of the far right groups still do not recognize Muslims have spoken out against the vile group ISIS yet they continue with their wide range vile tone against Muslims. So on this grounds I think Jeremy Corbyn is right to offer a free vote to the parliamentary Labour Party but he should have done his homework more properly and by looking at the Cameron statement line by line and put forward a more coherent argument why he disagreed and bring on board the PLP instead having a bullet through his head. Let’s not forget the honeymoon is fast coming to an end Jeremy Corbyn.

I have to say my patience is beginning to wear thin in our leadership of the party I do hope to see a stronger leader leading the party in the six months’ time. Remember there is a underline message I’m sending out and we as a party needs to win as much seats as possible. Note to all I’m not advocating a leadership challenge it’s more of showing of leadership qualities to lead the party. This implies that Labour has no position on Syria which I’m very disappointed. As a member of Labour I too have an opinion and who happens to believe in social justice, equality for all, and Labour being a broad church and firmly believe that as a party we are better off in the centre ground of politics.



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