Royal Air Force (RAF) went to war because parliament ordered them too

I decided to use two youtube to show what the knock on affect that can persuade a Member of Parliament to vote for and against to war:


The decision to use bombs from the air is not an easy one and dear I say it, it’s up to all MPs to vote on their

Now we know what the vote is and for those who don’t know here it is:

The amendment resolution to parliament results as follow:

Ayes: 211

Noes: 390

Government Motion


Noes: 223

I would like to make it very clear that I hold no malice against any of our Labour Member Of Parliament (MP) who voted for and against the ISIS as it was a free vote and they will have to justify the decision to their constituents. There is doubt the tone of language that David Cameron has alleged to use Terrorist Sympathisers does not help the situation. The words alleged Terrorist Sympathisers is unbecoming of the Prime Minister and he should make a public apology to the house.  On saying this I concur that the Conservatives should have allowed a free vote on bombing of ISIS too.

No Member Of Parliament can be deselected on a vote which was decided by the party leader to be a ‘free vote’. The term ‘free’ means it isn’t whipped, therefore MPs can vote how they like. Sick to the back teeth of seeing people with no knowledge of our party, attacking MPs for doing what their conscious believes to be right. You don’t have to agree with them, but at least have an adult debate, not behaving like squabbling children because something hasn’t gone the way you’d like and then threaten de-selection on grounds that don’t exist. Also before anyone starts, I would have probably voted against strikes, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the views of those MPs who voted for. It’s called democracy.

After listening and lobbying various Parliamentarians both from the past and present I sense that there was an atmosphere between the Conservatives and Labour this is the worst kind of politics I’ve come across in a long time. Whatever I may think of both of the Leader of Labour Party or The Leader of Conservatives I can concur that there are personal circumstances that I’m against the bombing in Syria which I will not go into it.


The bombing of ISIS has gone up a notch with UK playing its part with the coalition forces. What comes to mind is:

1) What is the long term solution to Syria in the event of Assad stepping down to allow free democratic elections?

2) Will this be another mess left by the coalition like what they did in Afghanistan, and Iraq where the rebels or only for another Jihadist group and taking control of both countries as the coalition leaves Syria?

I had long put the argument that the Middle East has to take a bigger role by helping its allies to provide ground troops on their soil with European arm forces to provide them with training and not providing weapons. I’m sure that lessons has or should have been learned if you provide the weapons to the rebel forces they will use it our arm forces or sell the weapons on to their enemies this is what happened the last time around.

Lastly, frankly I’m fed up with people who spent years campaigning against Labour, stood against our candidates or voted for other parties now trying to dictate who should or should not be a Labour Party member. They are demanding we think their way or else using the old Sid Spart agit-prop technique of trying to drown out and intimidate voices who disagree with their warmed over and orchestrated cant. Yeah! How many Socialist Party or TUSC MP’s or Councillors have you had elected or is the re-education of the Proletariat behind schedule?








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