Satire: Jeremy Hunt must resign forthwith

Wow how brilliantly put by a Junior Doctor which you cant blame her saying this:


Isn’t it wonderful when our trade unions and employers can sit around the negotiating table to work out the best term and conditions and ends well with both staff and employers are happy as many would say we all laughing all the way to the bank. Whilst I support the negotiations with the trade unions and employers as it brings harmony in the workplace it’s when it is done properly everybody is happy. Then there is the other side of the coin where it can go horribly wrong where both the employers and trade unions are at stalemate this where the good relationship has broken down then it’s up to ACAS to sort out and it still can’t be sorted out then you know that further action is required. Welcome to the socialist republic of the Soviet Union comes to mind Jeremy Hunt who is the Health Secretary of England and Wales and is imposing unworkable working conditions to put both patents and juniors doctors at risk which compromise their health and safety.

I’m sure like many people including myself who has the passion of our NHS we like to see NHS staff and the organisation working in harmony.

But when there is two vile people like Kate Hopkins and Jeremy want to do damage the prestige of our service no doubt that privatization is on its way they might as well be married to each other. See the two links below:

Like myself and others who are feeling so horrendously and deeply saddened by Jeremy Hunt decision to press ahead with the junior doctor contract. He is one of the most loathed men in Britain. He has sounded the final death blow to the NHS today.

Nye Bevan would be spinning in his grave over this.

Despite 68 years of the NHS the Tories still fail to understand its place in society. Instead of working to improve the service they work to privatize it. They lie about the reasons they seek change, fearful of the reaction of the public if they told the truth.

Jeremy Hunt is known to be a self-confessed hater of the NHS and wanted to see it broken up and sold off to private companies years ago. Yet Cameron put him in place as Health Secretary. So it shows how little regard Cameron has for a public service that everyone needs and relies on.

Mr Hunt is telling porkies to all of us about these contracts, they want to spell out to the private sector who are dying to cherry pick certain weekend services. Conveniently Jeremy Hunt and Co fail to mention to all of us while they will stretch our  Junior Doctors to cover more time they are not paying for more nurses, porters, admins or security. So the service you get on the weekdays will still not match the weekend. The reason being Cameron likes the spin of creating 7 days but does not want to pay for it.

If Cameron was really serious about making the weekend like the weekdays in the NHS he would have to provide several extra billion each year. But he is not doing that. No instead what the NHS would be left to do to cover the weekends is to use their budgets from the weekdays to plug the gap. Thus stretching NHS finances and resources even more and putting more pressure on a service already neglected by the Tories.

I support 7 days a week NHS service, but if the Government really did they would pay for it which they are not prepared to do then our Junior Doctors are 100% right to fight these plans because they are unsafe for patient care and fail to respect them and the NHS. The Tories need to rethink because they will lose this battle.

Oh wait a minute have all forgotten that Jeremy Hunt was supposed to have a event A drinks and canapés evening featuring Jeremy Hunt has been cancelled after reports junior doctors might attend and ask him questions about their new contract.

The Health Secretary had been due to mingle with Tory activists on Friday night over nibbles and wine at a party fundraiser, until the event’s open invitation began to circulate on social media.

Some junior doctors and their supporters, who say Mr Hunt has refused to speak to them directly, said it would be worthwhile buying tickets to the evening and engaging him in debate about his new policy. After the invitation began circulating Fareham Conservatives, who organised the event, abruptly posted a message on their website announcing its cancellation.

A local party staffer confirmed that the fundraiser had indeed been cancelled.

Asked why the event was cancelled, the staffer said: “I’ve got no comment on that”.

Asked specifically whether it was cancelled because junior doctors had decided to come, the member of staff said: “I can’t say.” It is not clear how many, if any, junior doctors had been in touch to purchase tickets to the £15 gathering.

Mr Hunt announced on Thursday that he would unilaterally impose a new employment contract on NHS junior doctors without their consent – but doctors have accused him of refusing to face their arguments directly.

A video emerged this week showing Mr Hunt ignoring and walking away from a junior doctor asking him questions about the new policy.

The King’s College registrar could be seen walking briskly after the Health Secretary in the halls of a television studio in central London.

Apparently Mr Hunt was “too scared to come and talk to junior doctors”.

The Government says the new contract will improve patient care at the weekends but junior doctors say it will incentivise unsafe staffing rosters and put patient care at risk.

The British Medical Association, which has been leading negotiations on behalf of junior doctors, said it would look at all options available to it in order to prevent the contract from being implemented.

Junior doctors have staged two days of strike action as part of negotiations; those who voted were 98 per cent in favour of taking action.

Fareham Conservatives said they would provide a further statement on the event when one was available







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