Establishment Need To Address Homelessness and Not pay Lip services

Here is a sort youtube for all to watch:

I recall some time ago whilst on my train journey(six years ago)  I was in discussion with a colleague on our way to Westminster Village my colleague commented that a woman in £1,000,000 crown decrees that Britain to ‘Live within its means’. Then she left Parliament to return to her £1 billion house. Was there anything in the speech about Building social housing, help for citizens needing food banks, soup kitchens and getting our vulnerable and homeless, rough sleepers of street into safe environment with own space with own front door key. Political establishment elite dictating policies of Austerity and deep cuts onto the UK citizenship while they increase family fortunes and Westminster getting higher wages all paid from the Public purse, the very people they socially, financially attack and the list goes on.

Reflecting back then I thought my colleague made sense and sometimes we all need to pick sense out of nonsense to have a sense of purpose to continue to campaign that was 6 years yesterday while deciding to write this article rest assured the opportunity came when I received a call from my long standing friend (Javed Iqbal) called me out of the blue said to me meet him in Birmingham City Centre. The next day I was in the city centre to meet up with him. What I did not know that he wanted to bring to my attention of a project that he with the help of family and friends got together to take some positive action to feed the homeless people in Birmingham after talks failed with the city officials.hdnrit

There is no surprise this is still occurring in 2016 which continues as public services continue to receive cuts from Central Government and Local Government. Hey who am I, or anybody else to judge others by the circumstances of individual lives comes to mind sure I could mind my own business and let it go undressed.  Do I hear some people say what a disgrace the establishment are doing “bugger all as they are more concerned of keeping up with the smiths or jones this kind of reminds us of a British sitcom called Keeping up with appearances sure we all could have a few laughs but does this make it right. Of course not. See details Sure they are more than happy to use photo opportunities to say what a wonderful thing they are doing to help the homeless”.

Sure politicians are more than happy to use photo opportunities to say “what a wonderful thing they are doing to help the homeless”.

Granted homeless comes in many forms and various issues of their circumstances to top this of many feel that the government are paying lip services towards homelessness  to assist them back into society this the general feeling that is floating around by some community leaders that I have spoken to just yesterday. It’s about time that the establishments take the bull by the horn to combat homelessness instead of paying lip service as there seem to be a crisis on the increase throughout the UK. What both Central government and Local Government have put on paper is fine and dandy but it more froth than action unfortunately. See links below:

Intriguingly this establishment makes claims that they are providing assistance to the homeless with mental health. See link below:

Well I’m sure that I am not the only one to say where has our tax money have been invested as there is still homelessness across the UK and Wales as to-date there is no improvements out there and Central Government are very quick to say that Local Government has the responsibility to ensure they use the funds to ensure that they clear up the problem. On the other side of the coin Local Government and charities are singing the same tune by claiming that they are not getting enough funding to continue with the services and they have to cut back on services to homelessness and they are expected to do more for little and nothing.  The sad thing about this it took a person like Javed Iqbal and friends to come together to provide this sort of service through the kind donations of friends, relatives, and the public to help the provide goods and by using all the social media to bring this to the attention in the public domain. I give him a hat tip to him with the help of friends and family.

If people wants to help with the donations please see link below:

Then ask yourselves this question why you voted for your Local Councillors in the first place and if you come to the same conclusions as I have it is for them to represent YOUR views and communities then this what people can do to help is to write to the Birmingham City Council Labour Group Leader or lobby your Local Councillors:

John Clancy Labour Group Leader

Council HouseVictoria Square Birmingham B1 1BB

Email address:

Telephone: 0121 464 4000

The contact details can be found on:




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