More hate crime increased, What have our nation become since post brexit UK

Here some hard hitting facts that people have to face up to See Youtube:


It’s roughly 41 years ago that our nation vote for the Single market then history change in UK in the year 2016 our nation voted to leave EU courtesy of Conservative Party who caved in to a one man party aka UKIP with the help of their sidekicks Boris Johnson, Michael Glove Douglas Carswell and it’s highly noticeable that Boris Johnson pulled out of a leadership challenge at the last minute. I can only surmise that Boris Johnson has lots of questions to answer for sexing up the Leave Campaign.

For the full list of Member of Parliament who supported Leave and Remain in political party order:

Two leaders decide to resign viz David Cameron and Nigel Farage leaving a sinking ship post European Union referendum.  One saying that he wants to spend more time with his family which is very noble of him(Nigel Farage) and he will continue to serve his time as MEP in the European Parliament then went on to mock the leaders of EU. The other person (David Cameron) who after bragging to European Leaders that UK will lead to remain by 70/30 got egg thrown in his face by the voters. European Leaders has let it be known that UK should start to exercise article 50 to formally brexit of EU in light of the results of the U.K. instead David Cameron pass the buck by saying that it’s the next leader of the of the government for him or her to do so by justifying that he will continue to be the leader until a new leader is in place.

See article below make no bones about it this will happen:

The Stirling has drop to a new low since the 1980s post Brexit shares has dropped and investors are in panic mode whilst some people say that this natural  process after post Brexit.

See article below:

There are wide rumors of a snap General Elections to legitimize the new Conservative leader and Prime Minister. Well this comes to no surprise to us all the conservatives are putting their manifesto together to win over their party membership support.

See article below:

Then there is the internal fighting in Labour Party after the leader was elected almost 10 months. Hence all the shit hits the fan of the Labour Party. It’s well known what my position has been very clear on the leader of the Labour Party he was not my first choice, I stand by him as the leader of the party. I pay tribute to the Labour MPs who (wait for it) passed a commons motion calling on the establishment to urge government rethink on right of EU citizens in UK.

See article below:

Within 24 hours hate crimes begins to rear its ugly head again by a group of fascist and racist targeting EU citizens and place of worship by telling them to go back home and putting a head of a pigs outside of various mosques who helped to build our nation they pay their taxes and contribute to our economy post Brexit UK. I’m not for one moment naïve to think that there are some bad apples who abuse our welfare system which I’m aware it does happens in very small pockets in our communities but that is very few. This is the picture I’m receiving that EU citizens are being made to feel very uncomfortable but the vast majority of them are waiting to see what will happen when a new of the Conservative Party leader takes over from the party. In some quarters there have been suggestions of introducing a second referendum as it will be justified as public option has shifted against brexit over the weekend saw a number of gathering calling for a second referendum whilst I concur I must state for the record that my heart is willing but my flesh is weak. Frankly I cant see this happening at the moment

See articles below:

Am I ashamed to be a son of an immigrant. No

Am I ashamed to be proud of my heritage. No

Am I ashamed to be British born. No

Am I ashamed to have received an education in the UK and abroad. Resounding no as to educate a man is to educate an individual to educated a woman to educated and liberate a nation.

Am I ashamed to help those who seek my help to improve our communities. No

Am I ashamed to voted to remain in the referendum. Hell no I’m even proud that I did to make my vote count. And I stress “If a second referendum was reintroduced would I have a change of heart. Hell no I would do my honourable duty to remain in the EU”.

The next time an intellectually challenged shouts out to go back home you paki, chinkey, darkie, Jew or foreigner let them know that you are very proud to take the fight to those idiot(s) and most of all be very proud of who you are and be counted for your action not your cowardliness.


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