Rise up be accounted by preparing to do battle with the nasty party(Conservatives)

Here is something worth listening to put it into prospective about the the Conservatives:

Well folks, one kid you not when the Tory establishment are preparing to do battle with our beloved public services. Oh do I feel my ears burning because I hit on a raw nerve which some truth in it. So let’s begin with my hobbit journey into it by stating the obvious first David Cameron is a coward, and so is his sidekick viz Nigel Farage they decided to leave a sinking ship instead of staying on board to ensure both the passengers and crew leave the ship first after the receiving the exit poll that the Leave campaign won. There are many sign to suggest that once the so called negotiations of brexit has been completed or about to be completed that Ice Queen Theresa May will be prepared to call a snap General Elections within months of excising article 50 as at the moment her leadership in some quarters is seen as her coronation although publicly she has said that she will not call one but be prepare to get another sting coming your way very soon as no doubt she will use every known trick in the book to trigger one which will come like a bulldozer.

Don’t believe Theresa May when she says she won’t call an election this year. Yvettee Cooper shadowed this new Ice Queen Prime Minister for many years and she know’s  how she works.

Those who think she is too risk averse are misjudging her she does take risks, she just takes care to calculate them first. Nor is she too committed to an election in 2020  she watched her do many strategic u-turns over the years.

Labour is kidding ourselves if we think we have four years to sort ourselves out we need to be ready fast.

Take a look at the economy its heading into recession and the EU vote was the tiger. Already tens of thousands of jobs have been lost. Some 700000 jobs that were being advertised were pulled because companies fear what will occur. Investment had dried up in many companies so that means no future jobs.

This is just a snippet of things going on. The media and news may get distracted with other issues, but it does not mean there are no major economic worries happening.  The economy will get worse and worse the more the talk is of leaving the Single Market. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. And the Leave camp was dishonest about the real affects that would happen to the UK.

Theresa May has not been slow in unwrapping the parting gift left to her by David Cameron, in the shape of a Commons vote on Trident. The PM has issued some strong overnight words, warning “we cannot abandon our ultimate safeguard out of misplaced idealism”, and that “the nuclear threat has not gone away, if anything, it has increased”. The vote itself will be at 10pm, but the debate will probably be cut short because it will start not at 3.30pm as planned, but 4.30pm or even later, as there will surely be at least one and possibly two Oral Statements on Turkey and Nice (will the PM do them both, with Boris away?).

The whole vote is of course symbolic rather than binding on any procurement decision. Which is why Shadow Foreign and Defence Secretaries Emily Thornberry and Clive Lewis are abstaining. More than 100 Labour MPs may back the Government. Thornberry told Today “money is important” at a time of financial stress. “It is reckless for us to plough ahead with the most expensive options”. Fallon was at his smoothest on Today: “We use our nuclear weapons every day..[by just having them, not using them]”.

Here is the results from last night vote in renewal of trident:

Votes as follow Ayes: 472
Noes: 117

MPs are voting on motion to renew Trident the UK’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent

The motion supports the government plans to replace the four Vanguard class submarines with four Successor submarines

Tom Watson’s clear lead will give them some cover against the inevitable backlash from Momentum and other local activists who see Trident as a ‘wedge’ issue in the leadership contest. Corbyn will vote against. A poll of members this year found only 18% backed renewal. Meanwhile, there’s so much change around, it’s hard to keep up. Note that No.10 announced the rest of its new Government at junior minister ranks at around 7am yesterday morning, with typically little fuss. Lots of comebacks, plenty of rewards for May and Boris supporters, the promotion of George Bridges (one to watch) to the Brexit Dept. And today’s Order Paper already looks out of date. Pubs code regs are in the name of Sajid Javid, Andrew Percy’s adjournment debate may have to be abandoned (now he’s a minister).

Well both Boris Johnson, David Davis, and Queen Theresa May and other Bexiters should have a listen to this youtube:

Brexit Secretary David Davis made the claim that such a deadline measure could be put in place if there was a “surge” in new arrivals.

Mr Davis said he wanted to a secure “generous settlement” for EU migrants living in the UK and British citizens living in Europe.

But he warned setting a date now could mean a rush of people coming to Britain before any deadline – and any measures had to be within EU law.

Mr Davis said “If we make a very generous settlement as I’d like to do, then people are going to say, ‘Oh but then that’ll attract lots more people in because they want to beat the deadline’.

“And so what I’ve said is, let’s deal with that issue when we come to it.

“One way of dealing with it could be saying ‘OK, only people who arrived before a certain date get this protection’ – there are other ways too.

“But we’ve got to do it within the law as it stands because at that point we’ll still be within the European Union.”

Mr Davis also claimed Article 50, the two-year mechanism for leaving the EU, should be invoked by early 2017 – meaning the UK would be out by 2019.

He has been appointed by Ice Queen Theresa May to oversee Britain’s negotiations to exit the bloc following the referendum result last month. Mr Davis reasserted his belief the EU would grant Britain access to the single market as well as a suspension of free movement rules, something which European leaders have so far ruled out.

And he has insisted Scotland cannot have a veto over any deal to leave the EU despite Mrs May suggesting all of the UK should agree a unified approach.

Mr Davis dismissed suggestions made by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland could stay in the EU while the rest of the UK leaves.

This leads me to say this, the hidden agenda will come by attacking our beloved NHS and forcing through new contracts that all junior doctors are resisting then concurring to ensure TTIP will be force through parliament with the knowledge that Boris’s plane had to make an emergency landing at Luton Airport yesterday, so he made his way to Brussels by ’alternative means’. Nothing about Boris ever seems straightforward, but maybe his diplomacy will be straighter than many expect as he attends his first ever EU foreign ministers meeting. Carrying the full authority of Ice Queen Theresa May, and our referendum result, the new Foreign Secretary will probably resist the temptation to thumb his nose at long-standing EU foes and instead carry out the patient groundwork his boss wants for Brexit. His remarks about Hitler were shrugged aside by EU foreign chief Mogherini.

And the botched Turkey coup’s impact on the EU migrant crisis looms large. It’s a serious business today, not one for Boris quips or gaffes. In fact, theres’ a feeling at Westminster that Mrs May handed him the post in a challenge to prove he could effectively grow up overnight. Having been given this golden opportunity, any serious errors and he will be out, pronto. Yes, there may be a bit of ‘hail fellow, well met’, but the job in hand is the main focus.

Here is what we all have to remember that there will be a final countdown remember this golden classic:


Both Corbyn and Boris will probably be pleased by the overnight news that the EU-US TTIP deal now looks dead in the water, after the German SPD said they’d veto it. Good news for Liam Fox, who’s soon off to the US to explore fresh trade links. Hammond welcomed the £24bn Japanese takeover of ARM as proof the UK still had an ‘allure’ to overseas investors, post-Brexit vote. Not quite what he was saying before the vote, but shows he’s fully onboard now.

Still, ‘The Three Brexiteers’ this weekend proved they are a handful. The Mail on Sunday reported how Fox celebrated his return to Cabinet with bottles of Commons champagne at an event attended by Adam Werrity. Fox said: “My friends are my friends and I’m very loyal to them.” DD also signalled to the MoS (and Sky) that he wanted a phased process on EU migrants’ rights in the UK to avoid a ‘surge’ in arrivals.

The younger generation will have paid £44,000 more in rent by the time they hit 30 compared to their parents, according to new research which lays bare the cost of the Tory housing crisis.

Falling rates of home ownership among the younger generation and the rising costs of renting in the private sector have fuelled the increase, the Resolution Foundation found.

A drop in the number of properties being built over decades has also contributed to the knock-on effect on those who cannot or do not want to live with their parents.

Under-35s also face paying around £25,000 more on rent by the time they turn 30 compared to those aged between 35 and 50, known as Generation X.

Lower living standards and extortionate private-sector rents leave young people unable to afford home ownership, with the £44,000 figure for rent by the age of 30 outstrips the average first-time deposit of £33,000.

Around 60 per cent of Generation X had bought property by the time they reached 30, whereas around 42 per cent of under-35s have become homeowners by that age.

Sixty-three per cent of baby boomers  those aged 50 to 70  owned their home by the time they were 30.

The housing crisis is the “most visible example of growing inequality” between generations, said Resolution Foundation senior policy analyst Laura Gardiner.

She added: “Britain’s continuing failure to build enough homes means that, unless we change course, the struggle of young people to own their home is only going to get worse.”

The findings were published ahead of Monday’s launch of the foundation’s intergenerational commission, which will carry out an 18-month investigation into the extent to which young people’s living standards have been “permanently scarred.”

Well it comes as no surprise that  David  Cameron over-ruled senior civil servants to hand his political advisors inflated golden goodbyes worth over £1 million in one of his last decisions as prime minister.

Mr Cameron’s spin doctors and aides were already entitled to walk away from Downing Street with severance pay worth a total of £747,045  equivalent to 4.5 months’ pay each after their boss was forced to resign.

But before leaving No 10 he demanded that be increased so his political pals, who already earn up to £140,000 a year, get six months’ wages as an end-of-run bonus.

That means the Tory’s former team will pocket an extra £282,892 taking the bill for taxpayers up to £1,029,938.

The move was met with disbelief by unions representing rank-and-file civil servants, who have faced significant pay cuts and job losses since the Tories took power in 2010.

A PCS union spokesman said: “We’re appalled that Cameron would seek to reward his political staff in this way, as civil servants have been told they must face further cuts to their redundancy terms.

“It’s that kind of cronyism that gives politics a whiff of corruption and erodes public trust.”

Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said it displayed “breathtaking arrogance, hypocrisy and disdain for civil servants.”

He added: “Cameron clearly feels guilty that his staff are losing their jobs because of his failures. Perhaps he could explain why he didn’t make a special case for thousands of civil servants who have lost their jobs since 2010 and left on reduced terms?”

Mr Cameron took the decision against the advice of Civil Service chief executive John Manzoni, who opposed the payoff in a frankly worded exchange of letters quietly released on the government’s website on Thursday.

“My strong advice is that we continue to abide by the provisions in their contracts of employment,” Mr Manzoni wrote.

“The contract itself is designed to provide some degree of security for individuals who take on these roles in the knowledge their appointments may come to an end at short notice.”

Mr Manzoni said he would only proceed with the bumper pay off if he received a “written direction” from the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday, Mr Cameron used his final day in office to order the payments through his principal private secretary Simon Case.

Mr Case wrote to Mr Manzoni, saying: “He is conscious that the situation they find themselves in is through no fault of their own.”

Labour shadow Civil Service minister Louise Haigh said: “It’s ironic that Prime Minister has finally recognised the problem of insecure work, at least when it comes to himself and his own staff, having done so little to help millions around the country who also face the threat of instant unemployment but have to survive on poverty pay and without any golden goodbyes.

“If only the government would take such decisive action to protect their rights at work.”

The Tories pledged to “cut the cost of politics” when they was elected but the number of special advisers has soared to 97, costing the taxpayer £11.1m.

Mr Cameron was warned his decision to boost redundancy pay could set a new precedent and cost taxpayers millions more in future. He now faces a probe by Parliament’s public accounts committee. As voters we all must do our part to hold this nasty establishment to account and rise up be accounted by preparing to do battle with the nasty party(Conservatives) as Ice Queen Theresa May does not have the full blessing of the nation with this in mind I say prepare for a snap General elections between October / November time.



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