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Satire: who are you kidding Ice Queen Theresa May

Here is a Political Broadcast of what Ice Queen Teresa May will outline of a Conservative Government under her Leadership. You have been warned this will bring tears to your eyes:

Recently I had the opportunity to be invited to socialist wedding reception (not mine) which I was the best man. Intriguingly some people would say that there is no such thing but there is something called working man wedding to be honest I would concur to all. A group of us went out for a cigarette break and I declined but hopped instead to break with tradition I lit up a Havana Cigar for the occasion some of the wedding guests joined in the conversation about changing times both in Labour Party and the present Tory establishment. Such there are something we all concur with and we can all beg to disagree.

Tory, UKIP Greens, Libdems and Labour all claims to be the party of working peope the difference is it’s called re branding policies to convince their floating voters to hoodwink them vote for a particular party and after the elections it’s back to normal business again which is more of the same crap dished out in a package of deceit around the West Minister Village. In some part of the country politicians who are elected to represent the views of the constituency are not fully represented for various reasons and report back to the constituents. There are some Members of Parliament (MP) which includes local representatives (Local Councillors) that are good at using spin doctoring and some are very bad at it. And there are some Members of Parliament and Local Councillors don’t report back to their constituents let along to give a report back to both their retrospective constituencies and wards yet members still elect them to represent their views it’s just not good enough unfortunately this is a regular occurrence with all political parties.

There are issues I strongly have to raise an objection that a Tory establishment use their brand of spin to address the nation of Modern Day Slavery, National Minimum Wage National Living Wage, Academies, NHS and the list goes on as if it was a conservative Government introduced those policies when it was a Labour Government that introduced those act of Parliament then only for the conservatives to claim credit for it.

This comes as no surprise to all that under David Cameron government those Syrian refuges will be allowed to come to UK from the refugee camps and under Ice Queen Teresa May premiership that a report has said the UK Government is failing to meet its promise to accommodate 20,000 Syrians by 2020, and called the UK’s coastal security “under-resourced”.

The Home Office Select Committee report said that “there is scant evidence that the Government is on track to meet its commitment to resettle 20,000 Syrians by 2020”.

The report, which for the first time published the number of refugees placed in different parts of the UK, said many areas are “not pulling their weight” in accommodating them, and called on ministers to help bring more Syrian refugees into their constituencies. In September 2015 David Cameron told MPs the UK would accept up to 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, and said the UK had a “moral responsibility” to those living in camps bordering Syria.

Here is song worthwhile listening to as it brings it home. Lots of people won’t get no super tonight and lots of people won’t get no justice tonight:

I have to say that one fully concur with the former shadow home secretary (Yvette Cooper) statement that  it is three months since the Dubs Amendment in the House of Lords forced the government to say it would accept some child refugees, but it emerged this week that fewer than 20 have arrived so far.  “Britain should be stepping up and showing leadership in the face of this crisis yet this report suggests we are set to miss the government’s target of resettling 20,000 Syrian refugees here in Britain by 2020.

“Three months after the Dubs amendment, hardly any children have been helped at all – it is shameful that the British government has done almost nothing to bring desperate child refugees here.

“Theresa May has shown no leadership on this issue, dragging her feet at every turn. As prime minister, she now has a duty to ensure the UK fulfils the promises we made.”

“Britain should be stepping up and showing leadership in the face of this crisis yet this report suggests we are set to miss the government’s target of resettling 20,000 Syrian refugees here in Britain by 2020.

“Three months after the Dubs amendment, hardly any children have been helped at all it is shameful that the British government has done almost nothing to bring desperate child refugees here.

“Theresa May has shown no leadership on this issue, dragging her feet at every turn. As prime minister, she now has a duty to ensure the UK fulfils the promises we made.”

Remember when Theresa May when she was Home Secretary she appointed a New Zealand high court judge, well it’s a sad day for the people who suffered child abuse again the person in concern handed in her resignation this is the third person to do so under the Conservative Government watch. The investigation was set up in March 2015 to examine claims made against public and private institutions. Judge Goddard was selected after two previous chairwoman quit.

How ironic can Theresa May get under a Labour Government back in 1998 the government at the time banned Grammar Schools now she is reversing the ban to expand the Grammar Schools  to please the Brexit MPs. Well done Ms. Politician for putting equality back to the dark ages of the Victorian years. Ask yourselves this question, why Ice Queen Theresa May did not get rid of Jeremy Hunt from the front-bench. I can only come to the conclusion that she and her associates what to privatise our beloved NHS by attacking our junior doctors’ contract here is an article which sums it up eloquently by Dr Rosena Allin-Khan:

Jeremy Hunt recently charged a group of junior doctors £150,000 to take him to court over the ­increasingly bitter contracts dispute.

This junior doctor, now an MP can’t be charged, won’t be silenced and is determined to speak out and spread the word.

As an A&E doctor at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London, I, like many others, left my young children to work nights and ­weekends. My department operated seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Tories never had the best ­interests of patients or doctor at heart. Their seven-day week proposals were based on a false premise and flawed from the beginning. Recently leaked evidence actually shows them to be potentially dangerous.

I know hospital doctors who have finished long night shifts and gone straight on to the next day shift, ­simply because of staff shortages.

See the rest of the article below:

So it no surprise that the Conservatives wants to continue with an another crake of the whip which dates back to the 1992 as they started to attack by closing down on Mental Health and Learning Difficulties Hospitals and by contracting out the cleaning services department by introducing Private Finance Initiative. Then when a Labour Government into power they continued using PFI on a much wider scale.

NHS faces having to close hospitals, cut treatments and make patients wait longer to save £22billion by 2020, a think-tank claims.

Without extra cash or reforms it will have to make “unpalatable” choices, the Nuffield Trust have said. See article below:

I do recall I did an article about housing crisis in my last blog

This has now been reported that home ownership has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years as the growing gap between earnings and property prices has created a housing crisis that extends beyond London to cities including Manchester.

The struggle to get on the housing ladder is not just a feature of the London property market, according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation thinktank, with Greater Manchester seeing as big a slump in ownership since its peak in the early 2000s as parts of the capital, and cities in Yorkshire and the West Midlands also seeing sharp drops. Home ownership across England reached a peak in April 2003, when 71% of households owned their home, either outright or with a mortgage, but by February this year the figure had fallen to 64%, the Resolution Foundation said.

The figure is the lowest since 1986, when home ownership levels were on the way up, with a housing market boom fuelled by the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the introduction of the right to buy Council House Scheme by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government.

This will also come as no surprise to all of us coming from a troy government they refuse to abandon the “triple lock” for protecting state pensions would be a “grand betrayal” of pensioners, Labour warned.

State pensions increase annually by the inflation rate, average earnings or 2.5 per cent, whichever is highest, known as the triple lock. But Tory peer Baroness Altmann, who lost her post as pensions minister in Theresa May’s reshuffle, wants the 2.5 per cent safety net scrapped. She said she’d tried to persuade David Cameron to drop the “totemic” guarantee but thought it could be easier to get rid of under Ice Queen May.

Lady Altmann told The Observer the safety net “doesn’t make any sense” and would be “out of proportion” in a period of deflation.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams said: “The Tories went to the country on a solemn promise to protect pensioners, saying their triple lock was guaranteed, that people could trust them, now we hear they’re considering dumping it.

“Make no mistake, this would be a grand betrayal a shocking broken promise hitting pensioners in the pocket.”

National Pensioners’ Convention officer Neil Duncan-Jordan in an interview has confirmed that “The fact is that the UK has got one of the lowest pensions in the developed world.

“Even now it is only £119 a week, and the 2.5 per cent guaranteed increase is the least people need to ensure their income does not fall any further.”

So it’s no wonder why that Ice Queen Theresa May want to distance herself from her Tory counterpart in the Lords.

Does this sends alarm bells ringing Theresa May wants stamp out modern slavery has been undermined by her shameful track record in tackling child victims of slavery during her tenure as home secretary.

The Prime Minister has pledged a £33 million investment aimed at clamping down on people-trafficking routes and has announced that she will chair a new task force set up to co-ordinate the government’s response to slavery.

The government has also asked Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to assess the police response to modern slavery.

However shadow minister for preventing abuse Sarah Champion, who said she is “not optimistic” given Ms May’s track record as home secretary.

She said the PM “should be ashamed” for not acting on the protection of children in the Modern Slavery Act.

Sarah Champion MP highlighted that last year 60 per cent of the 982 child victims of modern slavery went missing within days of being taken into local authority care.

She said the children are “presumed to be back with their traffickers, where they would continue to be exploited and abused. “This is simply not good enough.

“Modern slavery is on the increase but under Theresa May’s watch, the Police and Border Force have been cut and her government cut local authorities by over 40 per cent.

“If Theresa May is serious about tackling slavery, she needs to give professionals the resources to stamp it out.”

Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland also warned that child people-trafficking cases are not being investigated properly.

“What’s alarming about that is that we do have people reporting to the authorities, but then they are not being properly investigated,” he said.

Mr Hyland said that there were 986 cases involving children last year but only 928 recorded as crimes.

Ministers estimate there are between 10,000 and 13,000 potential victims of slavery in Britain.

A review by barrister Caroline Haughey to mark the first anniversary of the Modern Slavery Act found that 289 modern slavery offences were prosecuted in 2015.

She also found a 40 per cent rise in the number of victims referred for support.

How low can this establishment get by axing maintenance grants for the poorest undergraduates to replace them with loans will saddle them with “a lifetime of debt.

Now who is playing party political politics by ending the grants worth around £3,500 a year? It was announced that loans are available but would need repaying once a graduate starts earning £21,000 or more.

This change by the Tories will hit students from low-income families who are more likely to have applied for grants and are less able to afford high rents and living costs, critics say.

The NUS warned the new loans in addition to those taken out by students having to stump up tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year would put people off applying for university altogether.

Let us all be reminded that it was Labour that introduced the tuition fees, Academies, and the Conservatives continued with the policy from a Labour Government.

All of sudden Theresa May wants to “tackle corporate irresponsibility and reform capitalism to make sure it works for everyone not just the privileged few.”

She was responding to the joint report of parliamentary committees on the collapse of BHS, which held Sir Philip Green, other company directors and their financial advisers responsible for displaying the “unacceptable face of capitalism.”

Eleven thousand BHS workers are losing their jobs and 22,000 past and present employees have been robbed of their pensions to the tune of £571 million. Theft and fraud on such a scale should be a matter for the criminal justice system, not merely the subject of a squabble over whether to revoke one person’s knighthood.

But the likelihood in Great Britain plc is, of course, that nobody will go to prison over the BHS scandal. Whether it’s mis-selling pensions and insurance, rigging the financial markets or laundering the ill-gotten gains of overseas crooks and dictators, the corporate culprits are rarely, if ever, put in the dock, never mind prison.

Stealing a packet of food or a posh jacket from a high street store is far more likely to result in a jail sentence.

Prime Minister May is fully aware that big business capitalism is generating inequality and resentment among millions of people who share little or nothing of the wealth produced by the working class.

Two weeks ago, launching her Tory leadership campaign, she insisted that anger and frustration had played an important part in the EU poll result.

“Make no mistake, the referendum was a vote to leave the European Union but it was also a vote for serious change,” she told her audience in Birmingham. “The only surprise is that there is so much surprise in Westminster about the public’s appetite for change.”

I make no bones about it that I will never trust the Conservatives, Libdems, UKIP, or Greens to be the parties of working people  I rather have a Labour Government anytime of the day.