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David Cameron Must Go, I’m Backing Ed Miliband

medwaycamOver the last few days one went into reminiscing mode over the Byelections in Rochester and Strood after doing some campaigning with various Labour activists across the UK helping to get our Labour candidate Naushabah Khan elected on the day. In my mind I thought her campaign team ran a very good campaign unlike UKIP and Conservatives who ran a very negative ones as their main aim was at immigration which they fail to address the positives of having immigrants who helped to rebuild our economy.

I have to give the labour team full marks for it as feel that she is a very remarkable woman which helped to make her shine like a rising star in 6 months time should she decides to re-stand again in the general elections 2015.

83XCVEFwIn true style of our Labour candidate this is what she had to say:

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Although I am disappointed that I will not be representing Rochester & Strood as an MP, I am proud of the campaign we ran and the incredible work everyone put in. I am not going to name names now, but there are those who clearly went beyond the call of duty and I am in awe of your dedication and enthusiasm.

A big thank you to all who helped with the campaign but also those who sent their messages of support. The last two months have been a bit of a whirlwind and a stark reminder of how important friendship and family are. I feel truly blessed to have such fantastic friends, family and colleagues.

I have to give a hat tip the leader of the Labour group Vince Maple had to say which sums it up for the Labour movement:

I am very proud to be Leader of the Medway Labour team today. Although we didn’t get the result we would have wanted in Rochester and Strood, there can be no doubt in Naushabah we had the best candidate (as stated by the Sun, the Spectator, the Guardian and many others). We ran a passionate positive campaign, listening to thousands of residents who are concerned about our hospital, our schools, the road system in Medway, decent housing and many other issues.

My personal thanks to all those who gave their time to assist us in both Rochester and Strood parliamentary and also the Peninsula by-election with our great local candidate Pete Tungate.

We will move forward towards May 7th next year where we will be united, fighting with our outstanding team of council candidates and our three brilliant parliamentary candidates looking to bring change to both Gun Wharf and Westminster.

IMG_1818Let’s not forget it was a sitting member of parliament who was a Conservative who was in fear of losing his seat had decided to defect to UKIP to save his seat so to me it was a waste of tax payers money in the first instance as they have only gone and elected the same person but under a different party name to help them gain credibility which they would not have stood a chance to win the seat which this reminds me of another gutless member of parliament from Clacton  who did likewise in fear of losing his seat too. So in effect they allowed the fear of UKIP to dictate to them who are their master are and when Farage says jump they shout out “How high master”

UKIP now has two MPs compared to the Lib Dems (56), Tories (303) and Labour (257) respectively but you could nearly be fooled into thinking that they’ve just sown up the general election instead of winning a by-election. I’m disappointed by the results and increasingly anxious at the prospect of UKIP doing quite well in May (although by-elections are rarely accurate bellwethers of voter intentions in my experience) but it certainly won’t impede my determination to expose its corruption, deceit and hypocrisy.

IMG_1826Owen Jones, yet again right about the forces behind the emergence of UKIP – and also about the way we resist their rise. It won’t be done by either pandering to their agenda or by tinkering at the edges of a system which has failed so many voters. We need to inspire people again – with a vision of a better, more equal and democratic society. That requires an appeal to people’s emotions and sentiments rather than relying on the cold, tired and on-message story being told by safety-first Labour MPs up and down the country:

Despite all the utter rubbish in most of the press, ie boring overblown pictures of flags that were not as bad as has been implied! The reality is Labour is still doing well and ahead of the Tories. Sure it would be nice if that lead will go up a couple or 3 % points more. But it’s still enough for Labour to win given its current boundaries.

It is worth remembering that before `1997, the aim was at least to get a majority of one! It may seem crazy now but back before 97 in the run up to that election Labour was for most of time it was unsure what majority would be possible.

So if Labour had a majority of 1 in 2015 so be it, a win is a win. But in reality Ill put Labours majority at anything from 25/70.

IMG_1804 (1) “What lessons for those who resist the Ukipisation of British politics? Easy to feel mortified, depressed, despondent about the direction the country is heading down. But lessons have to be learned. The debate over the future of Britain will not be won by facts and mere details. We now know that sentiments matter. If a populist-minded left would learn these lessons – well, perhaps the rise of Ukip would not seem quite as irresistible as it seems today.”

There is hope for humanity and decency yet. Stopping the pure trash that is UKIP needs to happen. Ed needs to start fighting and get some more passion. Take on Farage and show how pathetic, ignorant and weak he is. There will still be enough voting for them to hurt the Tories. But do not let them into Labours backyard.

IMG1Any party that gets active support from the Nation Front (aka Britain First) is unfit to have any position of authority anywhere in Britain and in the EU. And UKIP has had just that. Many of their candidates have also come from the BNP. I’m with the 85% who do not want raciest twerps getting a say they do not deserve.

I looked into the voting pattern in the constituency from the 1868 -2014 interestingly it was also been a conservative seat except in in 1906 it went to the Liberals then 1922, 1929, Liberals again then from 1931 to 1935 it went to the National Liberals after the byelections 1954 it went back to the Conservatives until 1997 it went to Labour till 2005 it went back to Conservatives. Details can be obtained via:

I love my country but of lately I have walked the streets in almost every towns and regions all I can witness is more of the same from this ugly ‪#‎coalition which makes us all chock and we have a duty to honour by voting in a ‪#‎Labour Government and its time to stand up and say to the nation ‪#‎CameronMustGo

Who is UKIP kidding coalition with Labour Party

NF2Many of us in the Labour Party will be campaigning for a Labour majority in General Elections 2015 and will not want to seek a deal from UKIPPERS as it goes against the core values of Labour. UKIP cannot even match up to Labour policies so by all mean sell your members down the drain UKIP as we all know what the Faragegate stand for to do a deal with the devil in order for the UK to come out of European Union and sell off our NHS to private insurance companies like the American style system. Now that UKIP has been caught out its all of a sudden oh no we changed our mind. It’s little wonder why UKIP is called a wishy washy party first UKIP claimed they are happy to form a coalition with Conservatives, now they want to be bed partners with Labour it’s no wonder why UKIPPERS can’t be trusted to help run the country or be trusted in a coalition with any political party.

NF1We are consistently being deceived by UKIP and the Tories who both want an American led private health system but dare not say so as 99% of the public want to keep the NHS – Cameron lied when he said that there would be ‘no top down reorganisation’ and he is lying now when he says that he wants to protect the NHS On 9th September 1982 Thatcher proposed the dismantling of the NHS but the majority of her cabinet were horrified and rejected the idea the minority have been planning ever since to remove your rights to free health care.

Hey folks let’s not forget a youtube from 2012 proposed private insurance company based system of healthcare to be introduced in NHS see appendix 1 below:

Oh what a coincidence for the Farage brigade tried very hard to deny that they want to privatise our beloved NHS alleging policies develop and change over time. Here is something else that UKIPPERS don’t want you all to know there is a letter sent to to the leader of UKIP see appendix 2 below:

Dear Mr Farage, 

Yesterday you claimed “Ukip will keep the NHS free at the point of use”. Why should anyone believe this is anything but an opportunistic attempt to cover up your and your party’s longstanding conviction that the NHS should be privatised?

Will you answer the following specific questions about the NHS:

Did you tell a meeting in September 2012: “I think we are going to have to move to an insurance-based system of healthcare. Frankly, I would feel more comfortable that my money would return value if I was able to do that through the market place of an insurance company than just us trustingly giving £100bn a year to central government and expecting them to organise the healthcare service from cradle to grave for us”?

 Can you confirm that your Deputy Leader congratulated the current Government on “bringing a whiff of privatisation into the beleaguered National Health Service” and warned that “the very existence of the NHS stifles competition”?                                                                                                                                                               

Do you disagree with your new recruit Douglas Carswell who in 2012 called for “open market” in healthcare contracts and in 2013 he supported the Government’s catastrophic top-down reorganisation of the NHS, even calling it, of all things, “modest”?  

Will you instruct Douglas Carswell, who voted for the Health and Social Care Act, to support Clive Efford MP’s Bill to stop the privatisation of the NHS?

Why did you endorse a 2013 article from Jonathan Stanley in the process describing him as “A UKIP health spokesman” – in which he suggested allowing GPs to “charge a flat fee to see non-emergency cases”?

Did you, in 2013, when speaking specifically about jobs in the NHS say, “there is plenty of room for cuts and efficiencies”?

 It is clear you have long believed cutting the NHS even further, increasing privatisation and charging patients for vital health services.

Labour, by contrast, has a costed plan to boost the frontline, which you refuse to match.

 Yours sincerely,

Andy Burnham MP

Shadow Health Secretary

UKIP continues to be economically with the truth by nicking some of Labour policies which they fail to inform their membership the whole truth and have the gull to claim they are the party of working class is so laughable. Here’s is a classic example for you all; UKIP says that they want to implement the Australian point system in UK for their immigration policy. The sting to this is, it’s a Labour Policy which they failed to implement during the last days of a Labour government.

nf4Lastly why we are not surprised by the desperation of UKIP put a legal challenge to prevent UK from continuing to comply with the European Arrest Warrant which failed.

Three high court judges rejected the Treasurer Stuart Wheeler’s bid to block moves to rejoin the scheme which facilitates cross-border extradition.

Wheeler tried to argue that under existing UK law there should be a referendum before such a “transfer of power”.

nf5He seems to conveniently forgot about Members of Parliament voted to support the warrant and 35 other EU justice powers on 10 Nov 2014 and Labour will put forward a motion on opposition day The EU Arrest Warrant on the 19 November 2014 just before the Rochester and Strood by-election which I’m almost sure will be supported by cross party voting for it.

Many of our Labour supporters has a very strong message for ” UKIP “On Yer Bike you must be desperate to sell your members to the devil. Not in my name”