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Hold our Government to account where is the movement for change

rosette_1628747cThe question I’m posing is, is the government corrupt or is it the people who elected them help to give our government a bad name.

There is a wide perception from the press and people continue to use words like “They all in it together to milk the system. Or they are there to line their pockets”

To be honest most elected members come with good intentions to help build a society and in some cases they see bad practice and think that is the norm. When people reads media reports about MP expenses being abused it’s no wonder why some people are put off from politics and to make matters worse people don’t vote as some feel that their voice are not heard or they feel that it’s way over their heads as they are no different from other political parties and they take your votes for granted no matter what their background, race, creed or sexuality.

It’s no surprise that the turn outs in some cases are as low as 15% this can be seen as a trend or pattern recurring over the years. The way forward is a Movement for Change for local people and politicians to engage with each other sure the public can turn up at their MP or Local Councillors surgery but is this really good enough is my feeling.

Some will argue that the only time you see or hear from your politician is nearing a elections this may be in some case but not in all cases I have campaign with all my local Councillors and MP during and after election times and can say that they all care about the community they represent nor are they interested if you are from a working or middle class background they do the job that they have been elected to do by their ward and constituency they can be contacted all year round no matter what the climate be whether it is rain or shine.

Yes they turn up to all the residents association, attend ward, constituency meetings and do street visits in the ward and likewise the MP the question I will pose again if many of you are honest with yourselves how many of you are at home when they knock on your door with questionnaires and how many of you spend time to speak to them about your concerns which affects you that’s if you speak to any of them or are you one of them that is quick enough to slam the door in their faces and tell them to go where the sun don’t shine.

Communication is two way street like it or lump it if you don’t communicate with your local Councillors and MP how do you expect anything to be done about the concerns you have after all politicians are not mind readers and one size does not fit all. Most of the prospective candidates I have mentored have a set task to do and in some cases have provided fruits from the results they have achieved by asking the right questions from residents. I’m sure some folks will dismiss this but may I remind folks to pick sense out of nonsense as knowledge is power which I make no apologies for saying so.

So when people say to politicians they are not interested in politics let me and others remind you all everything you do involves in politics like the air you breath, the church that you attend, the gardening the water you use to wash, drink the pint, the coffee, tea, food, the car that you drive and the house you buy or rent all involves politics there is no escape from it no ifs or buts to put it harshly.

If parents can’t be bothered to come out to vote how you expect your children of voting age don’t vote it’s no surprise that any government can get away with blue murder for not holding them to account as Russell Brand puts it in a nutshell. He is in a position where he can exercise his right to vote but he alleges he does not use his vote. Funny enough he makes millions of us which he does not tell you about.

There have been two world wars which our fore parents fought to ensure we have a vote which includes the suffragettes all have done to get the vote out.  then there is the cost of living and this coalition does not make it any better see youtube below:


The moral of this story is if you don’t vote you don’t have a say!