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Stop pandering to UKIP

Checkout this  Youtube and make up your own mind up:

I’m astonish by David Blanket MP recent article in regards to race riots over Roma people settling in the UK will set a precedence for either a UKIP or BNP candidate(s) to take seat on the council which I hope it does NOT happen and would rather have a Labour Councillors running council instead

As David Blanket MP knows all too well that immigration has Roma Peoplehelped the UK economy they do contribute by engaging with providing employment into the communities no matter what their backgrounds so many were surprised by the article and would have expected it from UKIP, BNP or Daily Express.

It’s NOT normal practice for me to support Nick Clegg stance when he was quoted that Roma immigrants have to be sensitive to the British way of living. It was right to complain about unacceptable behavior. But the best way to deal with it was through dialog.

I do really hope that both Sheffield MPs can help to keep the peace with all their community leaders and bring about a peaceful solution to all concern. The worse that can happen if both does not keep the eye on the ball will see an increase of BNP and UKIP taking  seats and having an overall majorities on Council which would not be good to both MPs I kid you not.

UK risk being seen as a nasty country thanks to David Cameron’s overreaction against immigration and it’s no surprise the European Union Employment Commissioner has spoken out against the UK government.

Laszlo Andor hit out at the Prime Minister for his hardline attempts to bar new EU arrivals from receiving welfare benefits for three months following scaremongering that UK will be swamped by Romanians and Bulgarians when restrictions are lifted on January 2014.

Intriguingly Andor accused David  Cameron of not representing the full truth about the issue and suggested the reaction on UK was based on hysteria.

I don’t normally read the Financial Times somehow someone brought to my attention there was a column alleging a heated commons debate with Labour ridiculing the proposals to be honest for my sins I have to concur that both the previous and present government are to blame as they knew this was going to cause a string of anti immigration and it’s not good enough for Labour to keep on apologizing and I don’t say this lightly as a son of a immigrant.

Shadow Home secretary Yvette Copper told MPs It is now the end of November and accession for Romania and Bulgaria will in a month’s time. “So can you tell the House which of those measures will be in place by the beginning of January 2014 when the transitional controls for Romania and Bulgaria.

After all this debate in the House surprise,surprise Downing St admitted that David Cameron new plans to try and curb EU migrants are flawed. No10 revealed that the bulk of these ideas would not be in place by 1 January 2014 when restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians wanting to move to the UK are lifted.

It’s hardly surprising that David Cameron is facing a Conservative rebellion over immigration this Christmas so he landed himself in a pickle and decided cobbled this together whilst keeping his eye on UKIP fearing more of his fatcat donors will cross over to UKIP. So in a nutshell DONT PANDER TO RIGHT WING RACISM and FASCISM.

Welcome back to the 1950s UK with Racism and Fascism

It’s the daily rags like this gives a bad name to decent citizens who are from migrant backgrounds who helped to fight against fascism and racism to help build this great country of ours as UK was built on migrant labor which other people did not want to take up the job in the first place. So in effect can anybody blame us from taking up jobs that you can not fill in the market?

enoch powell-1304250So for the immigrants who makes a living in the UK we say welcome to the return of the 1950s Britain and we all might as well call back Enoch Powell back from the grave to run our economy.

Oh we might as well bring back the racist vans GO Home whilst we are at it why not go a bit further like to drive our us Black and Ethnic Minorities all of the UK and let’s all vote for another coalition government to run this country like UKIP and BNP coalition. I’m sure that the daily express will do a wonderful job of promoting it.

I have yet to see the daily express has anything decent to mention about us foreigners who continue to build this country by introducing more investments from China, Europe, India, and USA to name a few. Oh what a lark has it become one wonders if one has opened up a can of worms as one never seize to amaze.

The moral of the story is if you agree that foreigners has contributed and invested to our country which the Tory government sold off our public utilities during the 1970s to early 1990s and let’s take a look at reason why foreign companies brought most of our manufacturing and public utilities see below for a short history.


Here is more scaremongering stories:

One in three jobs currently advertised with the country’s leading recruiter – 28,577 out of 87,786 – is based in Britain.

immigrationThe shocking figures provoked concern among campaigners fearing a flood of Romanians and Bulgarians next year when the UK’s labour market and job centres are opened to them.

Experts at Migration Watch believe around 50,000 a year will arrive for the next five years.

58336011_-8Peter Bone, Tory MP for Wellingborough – which already has a huge eastern European population – said: “This is a catastrophe about to happen and we need to stop it. Not only will Britons lose out on work but it will create social tensions.

East Midlands Vultures1234 said: “All of this is on top of the migrants we already have from Romania and Bulgaria, many of whom are living rough on the streets of London and elsewhere.”

Most of the jobs advertised are for skilled staff in healthcare, tourism, agriculture and childcare. But there are adverts for jobs unskilled Britons could do including taxi drivers, trainee managers for a burger chain and care assistants.

Romanians can earn higher wages in this country compared to other EU states, and also get access to Britain’s welfare state and social housing system.

On 31 october 2013 in Bucharest, the Romanian capital, locals told how they are already planning to journey to Britain in 2014.

Plumber Munteanu Dumitru, 32, said: “My girlfriend and I have been told there are lots of jobs. Once work restrictions are lifted we hope to go to the UK and make a new life.”

Nurse Gabriela Teodorescu said: “I have seen adverts for jobs in the UK and the pay and conditions are so much better. I think England is a better place to settle and have my family.”

98% demand a ban on new migrants as thousands support our Crusade

THE Crusade launched by the Daily Express yesterday to prevent a new surge of European immigration to Britain has already won massive support.


immigrationBy last night more than 10,000 people had signed our petition calling on the Government to keep controls on Bulgarian and Romanian workers coming here.

Our telephone switchboard and website were also inundated with expressions of support. And in a further indication of the strength of public opposition to large-scale immigration, 98 per cent of readers taking part in a snap Daily Express phone poll agreed that Britain “should close its borders to ALL new migrants”.

Strict controls on EU migrants are due to lapse at midnight on December 31.

european-union-flagsPrime Minister David Cameron says that we are obliged like other European Union member states to lift these restrictions.

They were imposed when Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007 and were designed to put a strict limit on their citizens’ rights to work here.

But campaigners estimate that as many as 70,000 a year could move here from the two countries once the controls are lifted.

Our petition urges Mr Cameron to defy the EU and insist that Britain will keep the restrictions in place.

You can add your name either by going online at www.express.co.uk/eumigrants.

On 31 October2013, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman indicated that although Mr Cameron firmly believed it was right to put the controls in place in 2007, he did not see any scope for extending them beyond the New Year deadline.

The spokesman said: “They are transitional controls and they do come to an end.”

Stressing the Government had acted to reduce the pressures of immigration, he added: “The Prime Minster would say that more widely we need to bring net migration down. And we have a policy as a Government of doing that.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was yesterday challenged over our campaign during his weekly LBC 97.3 Radio phone-in show.

A string of callers backed the Daily Express on immigration.

One caller to Mr Clegg’s show asked: “What is the Government actually going to do about immigration?

“Could we have a straight answer as to why the loophole hasn’t been closed down, why the numbers have not been reduced, what is actually going on? What are Brussels not allowing you to do?”

The europhile Lib Dem leader said he was aware of people’s concerns but suggested they were misplaced.

He claimed the scale of Romanian and Bulgarian arrivals would be nowhere near the massive numbers of eastern Europeans who came when their countries joined the EU in 2004, and the Labour government put no limits in place.

Nick Ferrari, host of the “Call Clegg” phone-on show, then directly challenged the Deputy PM on air about our Crusade. Mr Clegg insisted the Government had cut net immigration by about a third and made some “very, very significant changes” to the system.

He added: “What I want to see is an immigration system that means that we are open to people that come to this country, that want to help out and want to work, and want to pay their taxes, want to play by the rules.

“Our public services depend on people coming to this country. The NHS would collapse overnight if we simply pulled up the drawbridge, and we should continue to give British citizens the freedom to go, as they do actually in very large numbers, to live elsewhere.

“So you can’t suddenly just put up a barrier but it’s got to be done in a way which is administratively competent and that people have confidence in.”

Mr Ferrari pressed Mr Clegg on whether he agreed with estimates that up to 70,000 Romanians and Bulgarians a year would flood into Britain.

The Deputy PM said he did not know and that the Government had no intention of repeating Labour’s mistake of issuing inaccurate forecasts.

He conceded: “I don’t want to deny people’s concern. It’s palpable. A lot of people have raised it with me.

“And I totally understand, having been given these, as it turned out to be misleading estimates which underestimated the number of people who came here from central and eastern Europe (in 2004).“We shouldn’t automatically assume that it’s going to be exactly the same scale (as 2004), not least because there are a number of Bulgarian and Romanian communities, large communities, in other parts of the EU. That often suggests that is where people would tend to go. But of course we’re going to keep a very close eye on this.”Later Mr Ferrari, who had hosted another show before the Call Clegg programme, told the Daily Express 95 per cent of people contacting him yesterday had backed our Crusade.He said: “The moment we talked about it, the calls started flooding in. People are concerned about the sheer level of migration.”

Tory MP Peter Bone’s Private Member’s Bill calling for the restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian immigration to remain in force, is due for its Second Reading on November 29.

Mr Bone said yesterday: “I am absolutely 100 per cent behind the Daily Express campaign. It ties in entirely with my Bill.

“Once again the Daily Express is speaking for the British people.”