Who is responsible for EU Crisis on refugees?

refugees3I don’t normally give credit where it’s due to Chancellor Angela Merkel she is correct to say:

Europe as a whole needs to move on how to deal with refugees and migrants arriving in EU.

If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for.

Somehow I have to admit whilst I may concur with Angela Merkel there is something deep down inside me that also says don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the current situation.

I would kindly remind all the world establishment to read on the European Convention on Refugees for those who is not aware of it or chosose to ignore it they are just as guilty of committing a crime against humanity:


If one goes back into the centuries of migration it was the Europeans explorers that started the problems with the great blessings of their kings and queens by invading foreign countries looting for gold and richness to return to their country of origin in glory during the fourteen century.mg

Oh here we go again, we are not responsible for what our forefathers did do I hear people shouting in some quarters. Well it seems like mud sticks unfortunately. The other-side of the coin is it’s the Europeans who created the problem in the first place and without migration the economy of our nation would not have survived. I say thanks to our nation that we have equality of opportunity, diversity, and multiculturalism today from immigrants who helped to build our country with a variety of languages, skills, entertainment, and foods.

refugees1Let’s not forget it’s was our colonial masters who had to recruit soldiers and merchant sailors from Chinese, Indian, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Caribbean, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish backgrounds to help to defeat the fascists in both World Wars that brought in the richness that we witnessed today which the racist and fascist refuse to acknowledge as they are the first ones to say by having all those foreigners it’s a drain to public services and how conveniently they seem to forget or refuse to acknowledge. Oh what a laugh that racist and fascist enjoy the fine food of the world on their doorstep with a pint or wine.

The British establishment (Conservatives) are very quick to pander to UKIP, and BNP voters by introducing British Values and they are no position to explain what are the values. When someone tries to look up what are British values there is no definition at the current time. However there is lots of information about Britishness. I would ask our politicians what are British values.

Checkout this you will be surprised:

It was not long ago that European leaders have agreed to resettle 40,000 refugees currently in Italy and Greece to other EU countries over the next two years.

EU president Donald Tusk said the agreement was reached after an overnight summit to show “solidarity with front-line countries.”

IMG_2230The EU will also resettle 20,000 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq, currently in camps outside the EU.

But the agreements only cover a fraction of the total number of refugees arriving.

More than 114,000 have been rescued from overloaded boats operated by unscrupulous people-traffickers in the Mediterranean so far this year, and 2,600 have died or gone missing during the voyage.

“It is, to tell the disturbing truth, a very modest effort,” admitted European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said: “There is a lack of ambition, a lack of will. It wasn’t a sense of solidarity that dominated around that table.”

Here is something else that EU leaders have very short memories that  European Union negotiations on a quota allocation system for refugees were in jeopardy yesterday after some nations rejected the scheme.

Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia were among those objecting to the proposal to share the responsibility of settling refugees among the 28 EU member states. The plan requires unanimous agreement.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, of the conservative Fidesz party, raged: “It is a crazy idea for someone to let refugees into their own country, not defends their borders, and then says: ‘Now I will distribute them among you, who did not want to let anyone in’,” he said.

Slovakia’s Interior Ministry said that it “currently refuses binding quotas on migrants,” while Estonia said it prefers voluntary relocation and resettlement for refugees.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that it would be “hard work” to put a quota system in place but said there was “a large group of countries” in favour.

I have to concur with David Miliband when he called on the British government to take in its fair share of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and other conflicts, and said continued failure to do so would represent an abandonment of the UK’s legal and humanitarian traditions.

refugees2The former foreign secretary, who now heads the International Rescue Committee (IRC) aid agency, has been quoted that the strict limits Britain has placed on the acceptance of refugees represented a double standard that would ultimately undermine Britain’s influence abroad.

“When I hear people say we’ve got to firm up our borders, it makes me think of the message we’re sending to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, which is to keep their borders open for Syrians,” Miliband said in an interview in New York.

“People in Britain have got to understand that these countries notice the difference between what we’re saying and what we’re doing.”

The UK granted asylum to roughly 10, 000 refugees last year, significantly fewer than most other wealthy western European countries. On a per capita basis, Britain’s record is one of the meanest on the continent. Miliband, who was Labour’s foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010, said that performance represented a turning away from the country’s more welcoming past.

“Britain was at the forefront of writing the conventions and writing the protocols that established legal rights for refugees. A lot of the legal theory came out of the UK,” he said. “The reasons we did so were good in the the 40s and 50s and they are good today. What applied to Europeans then should apply to Africans and Asians today. We cannot say UN conventions apply to one group of people and not to others.”

The IRC is helping to meet the immediate humanitarian needs of the thousands of desperate refugees arriving daily on the Greek island of Lesbo An estimated 4,000 arrived on Saturday alone. According to the agency, with 80% fleeing war in Syria and 14% escaping chronic conflict in Afghanistan.

The language used by British government, and much of the UK media, to describe the crisis, referring to migrants rather than refugees (although the majority arriving on Europe’s shores are fleeing war or persecution), reflected a conscious effort to deny them their rights enshrined by international convention.

“It is a misnamed crisis, and it seems not misnamed by accident. It’s been too convenient to misname it as a migrant crisis, because it suggests these people are voluntarily fleeing, whereas in fact if you’ve been barrel-bombed out of your home three times, life and limb demand that you flee,” he said. “It’s not about being politically incorrect in using the term migrant. It’s simply incorrect.”

Germany, France and the UK have called for a meeting of EU interior and justice ministers in mid-September to work out new responses to the crisis. The US has said it would open its doors to more Syrian refugees, having taken in less than a thousand so far, but its plan is to take in only 8,000 by the end of next year.

“There needs to be some burden-sharing bigger countries taking more people than smaller countries, richer countries taking more people than poorer countries. Historically the US has taken about 50% of the world’s resettled refugees. It would certainly help the European debate if the Americans were seen to be stepping up.”

And I have to say that I personally don’t think that David Cameron’s current establishment really gives two monkeys about the refugee crisis this is on the grounds of that he is too busy pandering to
the UKIP and BNP voters. I have more respect for Yvette Cooper who also sums it up in a nutshell for me. See article below:





Jews and Muslims served together WW1-2 against the fascist

kkashfHere a youtube worth watching as it highlight the way how Muslims saved the lives of Jews:


Seventy Five years today who would have thought that war was declared which saw Muslims and Jews served together in a common cause during the WW1-2 to rid the Nazis. Whilst some Muslims went as far to hide Jews from the Nazis during the occupation of Adolf Hitler forces some commonly known as the Third Reich which was one of the bloodies place in history I have been informed by my grandparents.

I still recall a relative of mine took me to The Righteous Muslim Exhibition is being launched at the Board of Deputies of British Jews in Bloomsbury, central London. And years later I went on my own to revisit the exhibition with my nephews and nieces as they should not forget a part of history that both fascist and racist will distorted as they well known to be Holocaust deniers.

Photographs of 70 Muslims who sheltered Jews during World War II will be displayed alongside stories detailing their acts of heroism.

jjdjdfThe exhibition hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust, honours nearly 25,000 so-called “righteous persons” who risked their lives to protect the Jewish community during Nazi Germany’s reign of terror.

Some 70 Muslims have recently been added to the list. The exhibition explores their stories.

Among the “righteous” are the Hardaga family from Bosnia who provided shelter for the Jewish Kavilio family when German forces occupied Bosnia in 1943.

Half a century later, the Hardagas were themselves saved by the Kavilios during the Bosnian Civil War.

Threatened by the continuous shelling of Sarajevo, the Kavilio family appealed to the President of Bosnia to permit their erstwhile saviours to travel to Israel.

I recall Fiyaz Mughal, director of the charity Faith Matters and co-author of the accompanying booklet The Role of the Righteous Muslims said: “These communities were dispersed in the aftermath of the Second World War, and as the older generation passes away these stories will be lost.”

According to the 2011 Census, there are 2.7m Muslims and 263,000 Jews in England and Wales.

Mr Mughal hopes the exhibition will inspire young followers of both religions to research this area in partnership.

He said: “That’s the best thing for empathy and cohesion: shared learning and a common pride in who we are.”

Through unearthing further tales of co-operation between Muslims and Jews, Mr Mughal hopes the exhibition can counterbalance emerging narratives that set the two religions at odds

He said: “One of the main drivers of the project is that there are some small sections in Jewish communities who are trying to rewrite history and say that Muslims overwhelmingly helped the Nazis.

“And on the other side, there is a small section of the Muslim community who do not want to talk about the Holocaust for the sake of not wanting to build up an empathy with Jewish communities.

“That is unacceptable, because factually it’s untrue.”

Rabbi Natan Levy, exhibition co-ordinator, said: “This programme provides a unique bridge between the two communities, so that they can celebrate together, remember together, and not be driven further apart.

“There was a lovely moment when Fiyaz and I came together and quoted the same line from our respective scriptures: ‘whosoever saves a single life saves the entire universe’.”

Mr Mughal said: “Besa, a national code of honour in Albania – similar to the Pashtu code in Afghanistan – led the Muslims to provide sanctuary during the Nazi occupation.

“This is why the number of Jews actually increased in Albania during the Second World War.”

How strange at a time before the WW both Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together as neighbours sharing bread, mosques, synagogues, and churches when there were no place of worship. Fast forward to today there are a small number of racist and fascist hell bent on making it for both Muslims and Jews to build a place of worship all because in the name of extremism.

What hypocrites those fascist have become they don’t have a problem to spend their money in our restaurants or takeaway claiming that they love a curry and a pint or a glass of wine to go along with it. Surely it’s beggars believe where fascism and racism continues today.

Already, there have been a series of violent physical attacks on mosques and other religious buildings in areas where the fascist and racist smashed their way into a local mosque has been active.

These include Redbridge where racist thugs terrorising worshippers and injuring the imam. The incident took place near Dagenham where the EDL and BNP have both staged demonstrations at the site of a proposed new mosque.

Racist thugs staged another violent rampage after their demonstration in Dudley last July, when a Hindu temple was attacked.

In the 1930s, fascists attacked synagogues in an attempt to whip up racist hatred and terrorise Jewish people. Now the fascist and racist groups is targeting mosques. The message is the same.

It is suggested that the EDL are racist thugs with fascists in their midst. Their campaign against mosques and synagogues are an attempt to bring racist hatred and division to our towns and cities.

We have to organise in every town and city to stand united against this racist threat. We must all stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Everyone has the right to practise their religion in safety, whether they do that in a mosque, church, synagogue or any other religious building.

Satire 100 days of this establishment in office in UK(2015)

Checkout the Youtube as there is a funny side to this story:

What the establishment wants us all to believe in their 100 days in office without their former bedroom partner (Libdems) The Conservative majority government has not wasted a day since it was elected. The prime minister said the government could travel quickly because it “helps to have one hand at the steering wheel”, rather than having to share the wheel with another party. He also likened the party’s manifesto to the Bible, saying ministers just had to refer to “the good book”.

jhsjhwkWelcome to the capitalist world of the one nation conservatism in UK complements of the Conservative Party in their 100 days of Government. If you just happen to be young and unemployed then welcome to the boot camp courtesy of General Commander Iain Duncan Smith and Matt Hancock. One has a confession to make I like the idea of going to a boot camp for training but on my free will as nothing is worse than being force to attend boot camp. Now that I have got that out of the way it is said that confession is good for the soul.

What world does the establishment lives in at a guess it’s cloud cuckoo land. Remember one size does not fit all and it certainly does not meet the criteria of the DWP. There are many of us who lives in the real world in the year of 2015 and not 1950s when people were draft into the army like the United States of America which does insinuate that the young are work-shy, lack discipline, and criminals. Hey that’s okay the establishment will have us believe as they live in their mansions and get £65,000 per annum plus benefits, they can afford to send their sons and daughters to Oxford University and they will have a job in mom or dad firms as assistant director(s). Oops it looks like I’m hitting a raw nerve now.

I kid you not you will have to work in public with DWP logo on your uniform on your back cleaning duck houses, and anything that the commander chief tells you to clean up in the public interest. This because the force labor in places like Pound-land has been in the press and the commander in chief is running around like a headless chicken with his assistant trying to reinvent other ideas to gain votes for the Local Elections 2016 in the hope they will remain in power for a long time.kkdfjkfgjmg

So it no wonder that young people on benefits will be forced to go to “boot camp” or face having their welfare stripped under draconian new government plans.

Those between the ages of 18 and 21 will be ordered to “earn or learn” under the plans revealed by right-wing paymaster general Matthew Hancock.

The Cabinet Office minister said young benefit claimants will be put “through their paces” as part of a three-week intensive “boot camp” from April 2017.

Expected to take 71 hours over the three weeks, the camp will include writing job applications and interview techniques as well as extensive job searches.

A dedicated work coach will also work with jobseekers to continuously review what young claimants have achieved during the initial three-week course designed to make them “work ready” within six months.

Failure to find a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or unpaid work experience after six months will result in their benefits being docked.

The harsh proposals also confirm the previously announced end to housing benefit for all under-21s.

Mr Hancock said that as chairman of the earn or learn taskforce he will create a “no excuses” culture to youth unemployment across government.

He added: “We are determined to fulfil our commitments to end the welfare culture that is embedded in some of Britain’s most vulnerable communities.

“By working across government to make sure that every young person is in work or training, by opening up three million more apprenticeships, expanding traineeships and making sure that a life on benefits is simply not an option, we want to end rolling welfare dependency for good, so welfare dependency is no longer passed down the generations.”

Hated Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Education Secretary Nicky Morgan will also sit on the task force.

Asked about disabled claimants, a Cabinet Office spokeswoman said: “We will put in place appropriate arrangements for vulnerable people with specific circumstances.”
It’s not very often I mention a Member of Parliament name so in the wise words of the Right Honorable Member of Birmingham Yardley(Jess Phillips) puts it so eloquently:

“A hand up is absolutely fine but a punishment for people who have no choices is the stuff of some sort of Russian Gulag.”

The Government’s new plan involves ordering young people aged 18 to 21 to join a scheme lasting three weeks, where they will be taught about applying for a job and interview techniques.

And if they are still unemployed after six months, they will be told their benefits will be axed unless they get a job, apprenticeship, or place on a training scheme – or agree to do unpaid work experience.

The Government announced the plans in a statement promising to create a “no excuses” culture to youth employment with a “boot camp” which will “put young jobseekers through their paces”.

The policy is to the forced labour camps in Communist Russia, known as Gulags.

“I would support anything that offers help to young people to get into jobs, because I believe young people want that support and need it.

“But the idea of a ‘no excuses’ culture shows the Government doesn’t understand the reality of people’s lives.

“If you are a carer, is that an excuse? If you are a young person who has a baby, is that an excuse?”

I feared the young people most affected would be those who had the most difficult childhoods.

“Are we going to make people who live off their parents go on this camp? So it’s fine to be unemployed as long as your mum and dad is paying for it.

“I want to see as many trustafarians going through this boot camp as kids whose parents for one reason or another had to rely on benefits.”

And highlighting plans to make young people do work experience, she said: “It seems like cheap Labour to me.”

Well I take no lessons from Iain Duncan Smith and his second in command Matthew Hancock when there are the average of £5 million salary of a top company boss is a staggering 183 times higher than that of full-time workers, a new study.

The typical pay for high-ranking chief executive officers (CEOs) jumped from £4.1m to £4.9m in just four years since 2010, research of FTSE 100 companies by think tank the High Pay Centre found.

The top 10 highest-paid CEOs collectively earned over £156m last year, which prompted campaigners to call for a curbing of disproportionately high senior wages.

High Pay Centre director Deborah Hargreaves said: “Pay packages of this size go far beyond what is sensible or necessary to reward and inspire top executives.

“It’s more likely that corporate governance structures in the UK are riddled with glaring weaknesses and conflicts of interest.”

Companies need to rebalance pay grades in order to fairly reward those who do most of the work, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said that CEOs should put money into creating more jobs and making pay raises for existing employees “instead of greedily hosing themselves down with torrents of cash.”

And non-executive workers’ pay is under close scrutiny as only a quarter of the FTSE 100 firms detailed in the report have been found to be paying the living wage.

Ordinary employees should be included in pay committees to add “some common sense” to a predominately “closed shop for an elite who are only interested in looking after their own,” Ms O’Grady added.

She continued: “With top bosses now earning 183 times more than the average full-time worker, inequality is reaching stratospheric levels.”

Regulations that were amended in 2013 to stipulate that British-listed companies have to publish pay details of their lead executives appear to have had virtually no effect in curbing excessive executive pay, the report states.

“It seems highly unlikely that the gap between CEOs and other workers will close in the foreseeable future,” it said.

The reforms, however, increased shareholders’ power to hold companies to account over wages but they have shown “little interest” in doing so, said the High Pay Centre.


Satire Immigration and refugees

hhhahaHow many of you like myself are fed up with the constant headlines of illegal immigrants and refugees are rushing to enter our boarders in the hope of a better life and our the pavements are pave with gold which is being reported in the newspapers and television coupled by social media from far-right and right-wing press and organisations.

Somehow those groups and organisations thrive in spreading fear with their twisted views by claiming those illegals are here to take our jobs, housing, driving fancy cars, having plenty of children, getting our daughters pregnant, a Black life does not matter, and claiming benefits as they are just plebes. You know what it’s so easy to say all those things in any statements to our neighbours in the hope that they will be so gullible and they too will jump on the bandwagon to join their cause to get rid of us immigrants and refugees.

This is becoming very scary now and hitting a raw nerve now that a son of a immigrant who is only repeating what the views of the press and the far-right groups would like in the hope that we will all believe their rubbish and brainwashing tactics to further their recruitment into their organisations. (Doh)

hhhaha3Let’s now face some home truths now. The establishment all over Europe cannot address the immigration and refugee crisis as they are guilty as hell by invading third world countries during fourteen century to the present time to plundering their precious metals, sowing their oaks, and replacing dictatorship in the Middle East, West Indies, African continent, South East Asia and Asia. Oh I get it let the all the world leaders take the lead by introducing the Aussie solution or let them drown at sea do hear and read some people will say. There is no proper a solution to address this problem as one size does not fit all comes to mind.

Does this now sounds familiar like racism and fascism to you. No I’ve got a girlfriend and boyfriend, wife, or husband who is Black, Thai, Chinese, Asian, White and Polish will be instant reply from the bigots. The funny side to justify all of this they are very quick to point out they enjoy a curry, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Caribbean meal with a pint or a glass of wine so therefore we are not being bigotry towards us foreigners. The fact remains there is racism and fascism in all race.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of things now which some people will never accept about immigration and refugees. The reality is there are people who genuinely are fleeing from percussion on the grounds of being gay, political activities, torture, child soldiers, and some just want a better life. Put yourself in their shoes and I can be certain that all will concur we would do the same. Oh before I forget immigrants has and continues to make a big contribution to the UK economy. So take that and smoke it in your pipe.

It is purported that thousands of refugees will be plunged further into poverty today as the Tories impose a brutal cut to support for people seeking asylum in Britain.

Families will be left worse off with the introduction of a flat-rate payment which will bring the help for children under 16 from £52.96 to under £37 a week.

Three of Britain’s biggest charities the Red Cross, Refugee Action and the Refugee Council will publicly condemn the government for its approach to the on-going refugee crisis.

Their criticism less than a day after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned of migrants undermining the European “standard of living and social structure.”

The new asylum-seekers’ support will see a single parent and their child live off less than £74 a week in cash.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2013 an average British household spent almost seven times more a week. Refugee Action chief executive Stephen Hale has forewarned that “We are deeply concerned that the children of families seeking asylum are being targeted in this way.

“Coupled with recent government proposals to exclude some families from claiming support altogether, these cuts will increase poverty and suffering among some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

The cut was also condemned as “immoral and dangerous” by Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Alistair Carmichael MP.

He said: “Many of these people have fled war and suffering, but are doctors, professors and skilled professionals.

“These are people who want to contribute, but can’t because the law requires they rely on the state instead.”

According to the Refugee Council up to 74 per cent of all asylum-seekers are refused residency in Britain. While numbers have grown since 2008, applications for asylum in 2014 were below 25,000, with those fleeing from conflicts in Afghanistan, Syrian and Eritrea among the highest number of applicants.

But speaking during a state visit to Singapore, Mr Hammond claimed “millions” of people were heading for Britain.

He said: “We have got to be able to resolve this problem ultimately by being able to return those who are not entitled to claim asylum back to their countries of origin. That’s our number one priority.

“As long as the European Union’s laws are the way they are, many of them will only have to set foot in Europe to be pretty confident that they will never be returned to their country of origin.

He added that more than enhancing the “physical security” of the Channel tunnel was necessary to address the problem.

The government’s approach, however, seems to go against popular sentiment, as news of local communities and individuals organizing aid convoys mushroomed in the last few weeks.

London couple Mona Dohle and Syed Bokhari have so far raised over £5,000 for their trip to Calais this weekend, when they hope to deliver a generator to a school for refugee children as well as food, clothes and medicine.

Hey all this so-called Immigration Minister James Brokenshire says rogue bosses will face “the full force of government machinery” if they are caught out employing people not authorised to work in this country.

Let’s hope this signals a new willingness by the Tories to punish the exploiters rather than the exploited.

If so, this would mark a sea change in Conservative customs. After all, the party has form when it comes to hypocrisy on immigration.

Only last year, Brokenshire’s predecessor Mark Harper  the charmer behind those Go Home or Face Arrest vans, with their whiff of fascist thuggery was caught out illegally employing a woman called Isabella Acevedo.

Poor Harper had to resign and eke out a living on his meagre £67,000 MP’s salary for nearly six months before being made Minister for Disabled People and now Chief Whip.

Ms Acevedo was spared such indignity, merely being arrested at her daughter’s wedding and deported to Colombia.
So it’s good to hear Brokenshire commit to a “new approach” which will “take away the unfair advantage enjoyed by those who employ illegal migrants.”

The minister is absolutely right to point out that dodgy companies employ these people for a reason.

Unable to stand up for their rights, either because they are not aware of what those are or because they cannot afford to draw attention to their situation, they can be forced to work for lower wages, fired more easily and are far less likely to challenge dangerous working conditions.

The minister is deeply concerned that such employers are more likely to “breach health and safety rules.” A shame, then, that he is part of a government which slashed Health and Safety Executive funding by almost 40 per cent over the last parliament prompting a steep decline in unannounced inspections and serves a Prime Minister determined to “kill off health and safety culture for good.”

Brokenshire is also on the money when he says cheating firms are “denying work to UK citizens and helping drive down wages.”

Helping who drive down wages, though? The answer would seem to be his own government.

As construction industry union Ucatt points out, if the government were serious about tackling abusive employers it could extend the Gangmasters Act to cover more than its current remit of workers operating in agriculture, food processing and shellfish collection.

hhhaha1Construction is an industry crying out for better regulation. If the Act was extended to it as well as to domestic work, care work and hospitality, as the GMB union recommends companies operating in the sectors would need to be licensed to provide labour, enabling authorities to weed out bad employers before they even entered the field.
This sensible, preventative approach nowhere appears on Brokenshire’s list of priorities, however. Instead apparently immigration officers are going to mount a “wave of raids.”

Expect more luckless, trafficked and super exploited labourers to face arrest while the faceless agencies that hire them melt into the shadows.

Because the government is not serious. If it cared about wages, it would not be seeking to silence the voices of the only force in society proven to drive them up the trade unions.

It would not be taking the axe to collective bargaining rights across entire sectors through fragmentation and outsourcing. And it would not be trying to force through a Trade Union Bill which tramples on some of the most basic rights working people have, making it all but impossible to call a legal strike and perfectly OK for bosses to bus in agency labour even if you manage to do so.

We should not fall for the minister’s crocodile tears. Conservatives, not migrants, are the ones helping business drive down your pay.



Satire On Benefit Sanctions the facts

Please watch this youtube which is an eye opener:


Quote of the day:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty” .

John F. Kennedy

welfare1Recently I had someone knocking hard on the door at exactly 7am my thoughts were who the heck is knocking that hard on my blinking door like a bailiff.

I opened my door to my surprise it was a friend and his partner I had not seen for a while. Obviously I invited them in whilst I was half dressed told them to put the coffee maker on whilst I get decent. They informed me that they had been sanctioned by the Job Centre in the grounds of they did not turn up to an arranged interview.

They said it was one of the hardest thing for them to come to me cap in hand for a loan whilst they sort themselves out. I asked them a few questions and what were grounds for sanctioning them how were the criteria implemented?

They said “We turned up to sign on and we were informed that we have been sanctioned because they did not turn up for an interview arranged by their work coach. When they challenged the issue with a member of staff, the staff called the security guard to have them removed from the Job Centre Plus on the grounds of being aggressive towards a member of staff which the police were involved.

welfare2The establishment gives a good talk of employment on the raise but in reality those jobs that are available are zero hour contracts and apprentice schemes. Now the country is faced with a dilemma they either continue to play the blame game and say it was Labour’s fault or man up and say that it was caused by the global events which they have no control over which they are in the position that they are in now. Or continue to live in the Westminster bubble and continue to deny it is happening on their watch.

I decided to do some research on it and came across this document see link below:


welfare3The downside to all the sanctions which has taken place is that  parliamentary questions show over 605,000 people on jobseeker’s allowance were penalised in this way last year  an astonishing one in six, or three times the department’s previous claim.

There is no excuse for the DWP not to accede to the party’s demand that full annual figures be released.

But we should not be surprised at the DWP’s reticence. The stream of misinformation peddled by Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith is such that he has repeatedly been rebuked for manipulating official statistics including by former head of the UK Statistics Authority Sir Michael Scholar.

The aim is usually to claim there is evidence to back Mr Duncan Smith’s war on the unemployed, unwell and disabled to present the ever more arbitrary conditions imposed on anyone dependent on social security payments as necessary measures which weed out “shirkers” and get people into work.

welfare4In fact, since the government has presided over the loss of close to a million public-sector jobs since the Con-Dem coalition came to power, there is no justification for such a claim. But the motive for hiding the number being sanctioned is different.

Sanctions are serious business. People who are by definition in need or they would not be receiving social security in the first place can lose all financial support, plunging them into poverty and debt.

Cases recorded by foodbanks to whose charity some of these desperate people turn present a grim picture of a savage and unfeeling regime.

People have been sanctioned for failing to sign on because they were at a job interview, and for failing to attend a job interview because they had to sign on.

They have been sanctioned for failing to apply for jobs in between getting a job and actually starting work.

Sanctions have been applied to people who missed interviews they were never told about, to people who missed appointments because they were in hospital and to people shocked by the sudden death of a loved one.

Sanctions can kill. It emerged just after the general elewefare5ction that of 49 people who had died while on benefits and whose deaths were deemed to warrant DWP investigations, 10 more than one in five had been sanctioned.

Naturally Mr Duncan Smith is not keen for this barbarity to be exposed to the public gaze.

If the extent to which the government is harassing and victimising the vulnerable was more widely known, the Tories would lose public support for attacks on “welfare”  support won by a campaign of systematic misinformation spread by the mainstream press combined with the poison-drip of hate-fuelled rhetoric from ministers about “scroungers.”

There is a lesson here for Labour. Years of echoing Tory propaganda about an entirely fictional legion of workshy loafers did not win it the electorate’s respect.

It simply assisted the Tories in convincing large numbers of people to support attacks on benefits and therefore to vote for the party carrying out those attacks.

If Labour wants to win again, it needs to expose the cruelty of the Conservative project and start arguing for the values the party was founded to fight for solidarity and social justice.


Open Satire Letter To David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of people of very low incomes, Job Seekers, and other benefit holders we want to formally vent our frustration, and anger over last week there was a vote on Welfare Reform and Work Bill, and NHS Bill. We would like to say thanks for making us suffer more by cutting our benefits from the most vulnerable in society who through no fault of our own suffer from a mental health, learning disabilities, and physical disability, very low paid worker, and others through no fault of ours own lost the main form of income to the household owing to companies downsizing and avoiding to pay their fair share of taxes.conservativecabinet

Under your welfare and health service cuts this has affected those people tremendously. So much for the big society and one nation conservatism where is the compassion of conservatism and your government. We (the voters) would like to remind you about the food banks dramatically increased not decreased under your previous coalition administration in 2010 and to present time 2015.

It’s no good blaming the previous establishment as it is happening under both your watch now. We would respectfully suggest that you stop playing Punch and Judy politics by hitting the most vulnerable in society we are talking about human lives so much for the caring and working party that your establishment led us to believe.

It’s a stifling policy, and it’s not very democratic. Also this mess is being exploited by usurpers. We’ve got our pinch of salt. It’s hard expressing your thoughts and opinions sometimes especially when there are some of your government ministers who simply refuse to understand where the poor are coming from. This government needs to understand how social policy works and stop using high profit companies who has no interest in society but in the name of profit, profit we will do and laugh all the way to the bank with our public money which is taken from our taxes to improve services. One would suggest that you should stop using quangos and think tanks that does not understand poor communities and never lived in certain parts of the country who only want to line their pockets to further their careers.

We paid our taxes like the rest of people and one of our expectations is for this government is to treat all its citizens fairly and compassionately during the so-called austerity times and look on each case on its merit and not to hit the poorest in society.

This government would do well to launch the attack on big cooperations, billionaires, millionaire who uses tax havens to avoid paying their share of taxes which will generate income to our beloved country. As a government you may beg to differ but if you get off your a raise and tour the country and open your eyes you will see the daily lives of people getting on with their lives to try to either gain employment and make a living and stop putting yes people in your cabinets who are millionaires who have little understanding.

This is why many of will tell the Conservatives to listen to this. see link below:

Another thing we want to express to your attention is our beloved NHS and the hard work that our NHS staff does to look after everybody regardless of their disabilities or income based. This should be applied equality all sections of society should pay their fair share of taxes and those who earn more obviously will  pay more into our taxes as Bevan said during the creation our NHS and Welfare System. I find it highly offensive and a cheek of the Conservative Government to use a quote in parliament to force a vote which the Conservatives has no comprehension of what Bevan stood for being a socialist and a moderniser to play a left wing politics to favour vote in regards to our NHS, welfare and work, and pensions bills as Bevan will be turning in his grave to see his name being used in vain.

The question we would seek from Mr Cameron is part of your government policy dodging the damaging health crisis?

To us this represents a U-turn on the PM’s position before the last general election, when he labelled the health service a “priority” for his party.

The Tory Party’s 2010 election manifesto had also insisted: We will back the NHS,” in a bid to dispel the long-standing public view that it could not be trusted with Britain’s most cherished public service.

But the Tories were accused of changing their tune after last week’s chaos which saw 14 hospitals declare major incidents.

It’s No wonder David Cameron has gone from saying the NHS were the three most important letters to him to the health service becoming the subject that dare not speak its name.”

For the many who strongly believes in a strong NHS free at the point of need we say to you and your cabinet in the wise words of Harry Leslie Smith “Get Yer Mitts Off Our NHS”

The truth about NHS privatisation has been exposed. An undercover investigation has found shocking care failures by private health business Care UK. It’s been caught leaving dangerously ill patients waiting for hours, and using work experience students instead of nurses.

This is what happens when private companies get their hands on our NHS. Care UK boasts that they are the single biggest business helping to privatise the NHS. If we can kick them out of our NHS, it’ll be a major blow to the government’s privatisation project.

Huge public outcry will pile pressure on hospital bosses to shut the door on Care UK – at every hospital they approach.

Please sign the petition to stop Care UK making a profit out of our hospitals.Your name will be added to a petition to the CCG group where you live – the group of NHS bosses in charge of contracting our local services. Together, let’s prove that Care UK aren’t wanted anywhere near our NHS.


From concern citizen who cares about our NHS



my thoughts on David Cameron on extremism

Please listen to this youtube:

The full speech:

New Government legislation will include powers to put non-violent extremists who radicalise young people “out of action”, David Cameron has said.

may-cameronThe action against Islamist “influencers” forms part of a five-year plan to crush the home-grown extremism which the Prime Minister said had led to up to 700 young Britons travelling abroad to fight for the Islamic State (IS) terror group and left Muslim parents “living in fear” that their children may be radicalised.

In a high-profile speech at Ninestiles Academy in Acocks Green, Mr Cameron announced plans for a new scheme allowing parents to apply to have their own children’s passports removed if they suspect them of planning to travel abroad to join a radical group.

The PM said Britain must act to “de-glamourise” groups like IS by making young people aware of the brutal reality of life in the parts of Iraq and Syria which they control.

Mr Cameron announces that parents will have the power to cancel their children’s passports if they are worried about them travelling to Syria to join Isis.

He said: “I know how worried some people are that their children might turn to this ideology – and even seek to travel to Syria or Iraq.

“So I can announce today we are going to introduce a new scheme to enable parents to apply directly to get their child’s passport cancelled to prevent travel.”

And he said the UK should do more to promote its own creed of tolerance, democracy, the rule of law and freedom of speech and should make clear that the doctrine of respect for different faiths must be matched by those faiths supporting the British way of life.

Mr Cameron said it was not enough for extremists to say they opposed IS – also known as Isil, Isis or Daesh – for them to prove that they were not a threat. This would be setting the bar for acceptability “ludicrously low”, and groups should be expected also to condemn conspiracy theories, anti-semitism and sectarianism, he said.

“We need to put out of action the key extremist influencers who are careful to operate just inside the law but who clearly detest British society and everything we stand for,” said the Prime Minister.

“These people aren’t just extremists, they are also despicable far-right groups too, and what links them all is their aim to groom young people and brainwash their minds.

“Let’s be clear who benefits most from us being tough on these non-violent extremists – it’s Muslim families living in fear that their children could be radicalised and run off to Syria, and communities worried about some poisonous far-right extremists planning to attack your mosque.”

A new Extremism Bill will include “narrowly-targeted” powers to tackle thes e “facilitators and cult leaders” and stop them “peddling their hatred”, said Mr Cameron.

He also said the Government would take action to tackle sectarian and communal segregation in schools, and said the Government would give communications watchdog Ofcom stronger powers to take action on foreign TV channels broadcasting hate preachers and extremist messages.

Universities should be ready to challenge extremist speakers on campus and broadcasters should use a wider range of speakers from Muslim communities, rather than repeatedly putting extreme voices on screen, he said.

Mr Cameron said that too often the authorities had “turned a blind eye” to issues like forced marriage or female genital mutilation (FGM) for fear of offending cultural sensitivities.

Announcing a consultation on introducing lifetime anonymity for the victims of forced marriages, he said he wanted to see more prosecutions in cases of this sort as part of a drive to “enforce” British values and ensure they applied uniformly to people of all backgrounds.

“My argument with young people being sucked towards this appalling extremist Isil worldview is ‘You are heading towards a belief system that believes in throwing people off buildings, raping children, enslaving women’,” said the Prime Minister.

“The values of freedom and democracy are far stronger, far better than the values of Isil.

“We are not serving our argument or serving our country or serving new arrivals to our country if we don’t enforce these values uniformly.

“And here’s my message to any young person thinking of going out there. You won’t be some valued member of a movement – you are cannon fodder for them.

“They will use you. If you are a boy, they will brain wash you, strap bombs to your body and blow you up. If you are a girl they will enslave and abuse you. That is the sick and brutal reality of IS.”

“If we have a situation where young people are being taken off and married against their will or having the appalling practice of FGM carried out on them, and the British state and the British Government and the British Parliament and police and courts look the other way, we are not showing great confidence in our values.

“Our values are so great that we should want to enforce them for all, including new arrivals, including people subjected potentially to those practices.”

My comments:

Firstly I would love to say in the Arabic phrase shown above is pronounced as Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, and is a beautifully poetic phrase which offers both deep insight and brilliant inspiration. It has often been said that the phrase Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim contains the true essence of the entire Qur’an, as well as the true essence of all religions.

hdhdhMuslims often say this phrase when embarking on any significant endeavour and the phrase is considered by some to be a major pillar of Islam. This expression is so magnificent and so concise that all but one chapter of the Qur’an begins with the words Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim.

The common translation:

“In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”.

Fails to capture either the true depth of meaning or the inspirational message of this beautiful phrase.

In memory of those victims who lost their lives during 7/7 and 9/11 what took place is not recognized under Islam. Every time I read or hear those words recited I am humbled to know that the time has to come to address what establishment stance of extremism as the Koran addresses this issue as haram(Not acceptable and it is forbidden to take an innocent life no matter whatever your religious beliefs) .

On 20 July 2015 David Cameron will be addressing an audience regards to Muslim extremism yet he fails to mention that all forms of religious extremism is wrong. If you look around the world most of the crimes have been committed in the name of religious extremism ie Buddhism vs Muslims, Christians vs Muslims, Hinduism vs Muslims, and Sikhism vs Muslims.

If he wants to talk about British values and integration of the Muslim community, will he mention the fact Birmingham Muslims, despite fasting for 19 hours a day themselves, were feeding the homeless. Will he mention the fact that our forefathers sacrificed their life’s for this, our great country in WW1 & WW2 before any of them set foot in this country.

And how do British values differ from Muslim values? We have been taught and practice that Islam is a religion where we should help and protect our neighbour, before any other, irrespective of their faith. Is this not a British value?

David Cameron’s speech will not support cohesion but divide communities and isolate the British Muslim community.

Daesh has no place in society. They are not part of the religion that I practice.

They need to be condemned at every opportunity as does far right extremism which also threatens to divide our communities.

David Cameron visit to Birmingham and spew his highly problematic remarks about the causes of extremism today. He will focus on ideology; that all extremism is bad, and that it can lead to violent extremism; that the grievance issue is not important; that people do not want to integrate. It’s all completely upside down.

Years and years of research have systematically established the causes of radicalisation among Western European born Muslims. In a nutshell the issues are geopolitical, and failed domestic anti-racism and integration policy. Cameron is using his speech as a sideshow because all capitalist societies need enemies. Elite policymakers in Whitehall are just a bunch of self-serving dim-wits who have no idea of what it is like on the ground. It is tantamount to state racism of the most pernicious nature.

Moreover, those Muslims who start speaking on the behalf of HMG so as to supposedly help Muslim communities, some who start off with good intentions, only end up leaving or feathering their own nests, serving the interest of the elites every time. There is going to be a tremendous reaction to this. Birmingham will not roll over. Too many dedicated and smart activists, campaigners, and professionals, who are savvy and informed will come out responsibly to this. Members of the more intelligent sectors of the press will also report what is right not what powerful people want reported.

His obsession with demanding support for “tolerance, democracy, the rule of law and freedom of speech” sits poorly with the revelation that he authorised British troops to participate in US-led bombing raids on Syria despite Parliament deciding otherwise.

Tolerance, democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech are admirable goals, but they mean different things to us all.

Alarm bells will inevitably ring when Cameron, an inveterate apologist for Israeli war crimes, insists that opposition to Islamic State (Isis) demands condemnation of “conspiracy theories, anti-semitism and sectarianism.”

Who is he to judge when criticism of zionist colonialism descends into these categories?

More basically, when did thinking wrong things become a crime in Britain?

Some people harbour hateful attitudes towards black people, Jews, Gypsies, Travellers, lesbians, gay men and other minorities, but they are prosecuted only when their thoughts translate into action.

Many Irish people in Britain support the reunification of their homeland. Some were sympathetic to the military campaign waged by the Provisional IRA, but they were not persecuted for their thoughts.

There have always been Muslims in Britain and other states more sympathetic to a religious caliphate than secular democracy. They are a tiny minority within a minority.

The weight of the state should only be deployed against those seeking to turn fantasy into reality when they adopt violence.

It is distressing for most people not least the families of those involved — to see young people born, raised and educated in Britain opt to travel to Syria, Iraq or elsewhere to join the Isis death cult.

It reveals a level of extreme alienation brought about by a combination of factors that could include internet propaganda, contact with religious extremists and despair over what they view as this country’s anti-Muslim foreign policy.

Cameron dismisses the idea that a succession of wars launched against largely Muslim countries and ongoing backing for Israel’s murderous occupation of Palestinian land play any part in fomenting alienation.

For him, the problem is simply ideological  “non-violent extremists” who radicalise young people by grooming them and brainwashing their minds.

His stance with regard to Syrians who join Isis is fundamentally different, identifying a materialist basis for their doing so  his contention that President Bashar al-Assad is “the chief recruiting sergeant for Isil because of his butchery of his own people.”

Imperialism’s obsession with overthrowing Assad, assisted by funds, weapons and recruits from Nato’s Arab allies, has weakened military resistance to Isis.

There is little use in Cameron wishing for viable governments in Iraq and Syria or anywhere else in the region when it is US, British and French oil-influenced military intervention or support for medieval despots that has rendered it unstable.

His Extremism Bill will not destabilise Britain because the vast majority of Muslims perceive no unbridgeable gulf between their own beliefs and attitudes and those of their non-Muslim neighbours.

However, his half-baked dog’s breakfast of bluster, loyalty demands and ill-thought-through censorship proposals to “put out of action” those who he decides “clearly detest British society and everything we stand for” will not help matters.

What absurd level of supremacist thinking does Cameron’s statement that “our values are so great that we should want to enforce them for all” reflect?

His agenda will probably collapse under the weight of its contradictions, but until then it will aggravate the process of integration in Britain rather than help it.

Personally I concur with the response from Yvette Copper. See link below:


Just wondering how many people had to opportunity to read the full content of the government response to taking extremism if you have not then here is an opportunity to read it. See link below: