Coalition on full scale attack on foreigners seeking benefits

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No Retreat No Surrender

Thoughts on Benefits For Foreigner Review

Why is it that every successful governments in the UK continues to ride on a high by using two words “Soft Touch” this is because it stirs up everybody  and such it plays to the hands of both racists and fascists to which I make no apologies for saying this.

Until governments all over the world address the crisis it will be on going with no solutions at the end of the tunnel. In regards to benefits For Foreigners not all them who comes to the UK claim benefits, some create employment while others who claim benefits are from either refugee status or facing persecution from dictators or military from their country of origin. Then there economic migration which if I’m reading right then any governments that come to power will have an escalation of problems as they will look back to the root causes of it as endemic worldwide which dates back to the time of explorers, governments, kings and queens claiming lands in the name of country. Like it or lump it those are the facts.

Granted some will argue it’s a chip on their shoulders Great Britain is just as guilty for raiding and looting other people lands then leave the natives to fend for themselves under British rules whilst they were there drained their natural resources.

There maybe a the few who continue to moan about not able to get a council housing because all those foreigners are getting various benefits and they are the ones that are not getting it. I don’t have a problem with foreigners who want to access our benefit system provided that they meet the criteria and don’t abuse.
indexThen there is the workfare issue that needs to address as coalition lost their case in court by saying it is ridiculous to call being made to work unpaid or force labour and has the cheek to oppose the suggestion that people who lost their benefits should have it reinstated.
carers-allowance-297Why has the coalition gone done this road to punish our Carers for looking after our disabled. Most Carers does a wonderful job not just for personal care for people with disabilities they are the bed rock of our society. Most would say they deserve the recognition for the work they do and that they are the unsung heroes.#

As I said in previous communications that we should not continue to pander to the Far Right Agendas of the British National Party(BNP) and English Defence League (EDL) let us all continue to celebrate our diversity and multiculturalism that we all enjoy in our society today.

See article below:

The government is reviewing access to housing, healthcare and the benefits system for foreign nationals to ensure that the UK is not a “soft touch”, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

At his weekly Commons question session, he said he had chaired a committee looking into current policy: “It isn’t right if our systems are being abused.”

The rights of British citizens should not be enjoyed by “anyone who just chooses to come here”, he told MPs.

Tory Mark Spencer had raised the issue.

“The welfare state and the NHS are there to support our constituents when they fall on difficult times,” Mr Spencer said.

“Will the prime minister assure the House that he will not allow them to be abused by illegal immigrants and nationals who are coming here as benefit tourists?”

‘Undue pressures’

Mr Cameron said this was “a very important point” and said he had chaired a committee meeting on Tuesday to look into the subject.

“Britain has always been an open and welcome economy, but it isn’t right if our systems are being abused,” he told MPs.

The review of “every single one of our systems: housing, health, benefits”, was being led by immigration minister Mark Harper, he said, and would “make sure that we are not a soft touch for those who want to come here”.

“It is absolutely vital that we get this right,” he told MPs.

“There are many parts of our current arrangements that simply don’t pass a simple common-sense test, in terms of access to housing, access to the health service, access to justice and other things which should be the right of all British citizens, but they’re not the right of anyone who just chooses to come here.”

The prime minister’s spokesman later warned that the committee’s work was “likely to take some time” and any proposals would have to “operate within the constraints of the law”.

But the government was keen to “ensure there were not undue pressures on the smooth running of the labour market in the UK”, he said.

Mr Cameron’s decision to chair the meeting yesterday, in place of his immigration minister, “pointed to the importance he attaches to this area of work”, the spokesman added.

The prime minister has previously said the government would be reviewing current policy when asked about the lifting on restrictions from January 2014 on Bulgarians and Romanians working the UK.



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